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TV Week Final Bracket ADAM LAMBERT

Reality competition shows like American Idol, The X Factor and The Voice have produced many megastars and music-fan favorites in the last 10 years. We narrowed this field down to the 32 greatest reality TV alums—contestants only, no judges or mentors or hosts—and split them up into four categories, Pop, Rock, Country and R&B.


Congratulations to Idol alum Adam Lambert for his impossibly close victory over X Factor’s Fifth Harmony in our finals, the closest we’ve ever had! Thanks again to everyone who voted, and now, we have a special prize for the fanbases of both artists! Check out our Adam Lambert and Fifth Harmony wallpapers, available for download!



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Completed Rounds

Reality TV’s Greatest Star: Round Five (01/23 - 01/25)

Adam Lambert

What: If I Had You

Who: Adam Lambert

Why: Adam Lambert's electrifying, Freddie Mercury-esque performances on Season Eight of "American Idol" catapulted him to stardom, and last year he became the first openly gay artist to have an album hit #1 on the charts.

Fifth Harmony

What: Anything Could Happen

Who: Fifth Harmony

Why: Part of a potential new craze of girl groups, Fifth Harmony came in third on the second season of the American "X Factor," but still gained enough fans with their distinctive pop covers that they were voted by you guys to be the Next Big Pop Star of 2013.


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