Vote for the Greatest Party Rock Anthem in Spring Break History!

Party Anthem Will I Am FINAL Bracket

In honor of Spring Break, we’ve decided to engineer a little tournament to decide which party rock anthem—the 16 songs from the last half-decade or so absolutely guaranteed to get a party started, no matter the time, place or circumstance—is the greatest of them all.


Vote now in the tournament below  as many times as you want. And may these jams be the soundtrack to all your wild, crazy, hopefully more-legal-than-not misadventures this Spring Break!


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Completed Rounds

Party Rock Anthems: Round Four (03/25 - 03/27) & Britney Spears

What: Scream & Shout

Who: & Britney Spears

Why: It's a pretty safe bet that no matter where you're partying this Spring Break, you'll be rocking with and Britney, b---- at some point or another, and you'll be very grateful for the privilege.


What: Tonight is the Night

Who: Outasight

Why: Outasight was part of of the pre-2012 Mayan Apocalypse wave of songs focusing on how gosh-darned awesome and important tonight was gonna be, and one of the catchiest and most memorable of the bunch.


Party Rock Anthems: Round Three (03/22 - 03/25)

Party Rock Anthems: Round Two (03/20 - 03/22)

Party Rock Anthems: Round One (03/18 - 03/20)