Tournament: Vote for History’s Greatest High School Show!

High School TV VERONICA MARS Final Bracket

We may eventually outgrow high school, but we never really outgrow the drama—the cliques, the gossip, the hookups and the breakups. That’s why we love high school-set TV shows forever, and so do you. We’ve matched up 16 of the all-time greats here, broken up into the classics, the cult favorites, the soaps and the current shows, encompassing everything from Teen Wolf to Veronica Mars. Only those two shows remain, so vote now for your favorite, and vote as many times as you want!




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Completed Rounds

Teen TV: Round Four (03/06 - 03/08)

Veronica Mars

What: '00s CW Drama

Who: Veronica Mars

Why: A drama that turned high school into a seedy, funny, and always-mysterious film noir, with the heroine of the story being the hard-boiled title character, a blonde, wisecracking PI-in-training played unforgettably by Kristen Bell.

Teen Wolf

What: '10s MTV Drama

Who: Teen Wolf

Why: Recasting the '80s Michael J. Fox comedy as a more "Twilight"-esque TV show using the supernatural to evoke typical teenage difficulties, MTV gained a cult audience for their teen drama, making a star out of Tyler Posey.


Teen TV: Round Three (03/04 - 03/06)

Teen TV: Round Two (03/01 - 03/04)

Teen TV: Round One (02/27 - 03/01)