Vote for Today’s Greatest Girl Group, From Fifth Harmony to Girls’ Generation


Congratulations Girls Generation!

Is 2013 the year of the girl group? New albums from Fifth HarmonyGirls’ Generation and Pistol Annies say YES. That’s why we’ve chosen eight of the hottest girl groups on the planet to face off. Vote for your favorite band, as many times as you want, starting…now!

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Completed Rounds

Greatest Girl Group: Round 3 (05/16 - 05/20)

Fifth Harmony

What: Anything Could Happen

Who: Fifth Harmony

Why: Fifth Harmony brought their sweet vocal harmonies to bear on Ellie Goulding’s Anything Could Happen, en route to a third place finish on X-Factor. Their debut album drops this fall.

Girls’ Generation

What: Gee

Who: Girls’ Generation

Why: After Gee was crowned song of the decade in South Korea, the girls looked toward North America. They’re now working on their first English-language album.


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