Vote for the Greatest YouTube Star, From Charice to Greyson Chance!



You want to be a singer, but you’re not a Disney child star and you haven’t been on a reality show. What do you do? Easy: Get on YouTube! If you’re lucky, you’ll get a few fans. If you’re really lucky, fame and fortune will be yours. We’ve chosen 16 of the top YouTube stars, and want you to vote for your favorite … as many times as you want! (We’ve left out Justin Bieber; he’s transcended his origins by now.)

Completed Rounds

Round 4: Greatest YouTube Star (06/03 - 06/05)


What: Louder

Who: Charice

Why: Charice Pempengco was a local musician in the Phillipines before a series of Youtube videos catapulted her to international stardom--and a stint on Glee.

Greyson Chance

What: Unfriend You

Who: Greyson Chance

Why: A talent-show video of Greyson covering Lady Gaga's Paparazzi took the Internet by storm in 2010, and earned the teen singer a mentor in Ellen Degeneres, as well as a major label deal.


Round 3: Greatest YouTube Star (05/30 - 06/03)

Round 2: Greatest YouTube Star (05/28 - 05/30)

Round 1: Greatest YouTube Star (05/24 - 05/28)