Tournament: Vote for Today’s Greatest J-pop Star!



South Korea may be grabbing all the global headlines with its inescapable K-pop hits, but Japan is actually the largest music market in the world when it comes to retail value. It’s also one of the most musically diverse, containing everything from intergalactic techno to glam metal to the kind of off-the-wall pop that could only be made in Japan. We’ve selected eight of the top J-pop superstars topping the charts right now (from rock legends Mr. Children to viral sensation Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) and we want you to vote for your favorite … as many times as you like! The winner will be crowned today’s biggest J-pop star, so start voting!

Completed Rounds

Round 3: Greatest J-pop Star (06/20 - 06/24)


What: Fushizen na Girl

Who: Perfume

Why: This techno-pop trio recently made history in our Pop-Off, and come July, they'll take a step into the global music market with a sold-out European tour.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

What: Invader Invader

Who: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Why: One of Japan's brightest new stars, Kyary started her career as a local Harajuku fashion model and is now a full-blown J-pop icon and YouTube sensation.


Round 2: Greatest J-pop Star (06/18 - 06/20)

Round 1: Greatest J-pop Star (06/14 - 06/18)