VOTE NOW! The Greatest Boy-Band Song of All Time!!!

Boy Band Week Final Bracket

Welcome to Round Five—THE VERY LAST, TOTALLY FINAL, NEVER-AGAIN ROUND! Our pool of 32 contestants has been narrowed down to just two, the winners of our Jams U.S.A. and Jams International regions. The Jonas Brothers’ “Burnin’ Up” made it two-for-two against the Backstreet Boys by defeating the TRL-era classic “I Want It That Way” in the Final Four. Now, the only thing standing between the JoBros and “Burnin’” being named the Greatest Boy-Band Song of All-Time is K-pop superstars Super Junior and their smash “Sorry Sorry,” which recently took down 2PM’s “I Can’t” to advance to the finals.  So now, we need you to VOTE in our tournament’s fifth and final round.



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Completed Rounds

Round Five (12/04 - 12/05)

Jonas Brothers

What: Burnin' Up

Who: Jonas Brothers

Why: The 2008 single is the first evidence that this trio of boys was on the verge of becoming men, complete with a rap verse from then-bodyguard, Big Rob.

Super Junior

What: Sorry Sorry

Who: Super Junior

Why: The South Korean record breaker is fueled by high-powered synths, with a chorus that gets stuck in your head and never ever lets go.


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