Ohhhh, We’re Halfway There: The Popdust Mid-Year Awards

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We just met her and this is crazy, but there’s no doubt that Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe” is the song of 2012 thus far. Not since “Since U Been Gone” has a pop/rock song been so rapturously received, not just by regular Top 40 listeners, but by jocks, punks, grown-ups old enough to “know better.” And it’s no secret why: Carly’s US breakthrough has the best instrumental hook (those staccato violins), the most instantly unforgettable chorus (as evidenced by jokes like these), and even the best title of any hit this year. Over eight months after its release, It’s still growing in popularity, and that’s fine by us. We don’t anticipate getting sick of it anytime soon(/ever). —Andrew Unterberger
Runners-Up: Usher, “Climax“; Calvin Harris, “Feel So Close“; Justin Bieber, “Boyfriend“; Kanye West, “Mercy
Carly Rae’s Favorite Song of the Year: “My favorite song of 2012 would have to be Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used to Know.’The story is so relatable and the chorus just lifts. I love that. The song also introduced me to Kimbra, one of my new favorite female artists!”

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