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Christina’s unexpected malice towards her ex-Mouseketeer buddy Lucca—possibly stemming from an unrequited crush Christina had on Tony 20 years ago—was by far the most intriguing subplot of Season Two of The Voice. Christina’s subtle jabs at Tony all season—calling him “one note,” suggesting he and Adam start a Britney Spears cover band, etc.—exploded in the final performance episode, in which she called him out for his “derogatory to women” song choice (“99 Problems”), bickered with Adam, and referred to her own contestant Chris Mann as a “real man” by comparison. (It was way worse backstage, where Adam Levine reportedly called Christina a very bad word that starts with the third letter of the alphabet, and she demanded he be fired.) The feud fizzled out by the finale, but it still far overshadowed the eventual winner, whose name we’ve already forgotten. (Just kiddin’ Jermaine Paul, we got nothin’ but love for ya.) —A.U.
Runner-Ups: Black Keys vs. Nickelback, The Wanted vs. Christina Aguilera, Kanye vs. PETA & Theraflu

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