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Has this been the Year of 4? It’s certainly come close. Beyonce started 2011 as pop-R&B’s queen regnant with Jay-Z and is poised to leave 2011 as the same, with one more family member set for the succession, with about a dozen or so new music videos in her collection and with one of the year’s most assured pop albums. Click through the slideshow and relive Bey’s year.

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Lana Del Rey Crying

Lana Del Rey Bursts Into Tears Over 'West Coast' Success

Better to cry happy tears instead of "oh my god I'm flopping!" tears.

Lady Gaga Hatsune Miku

Lady Gaga Adds Virtual Japanese Pop Star Hatsune Miku To 'ArtRave' Tour

"Lady Gaga's turning Japanese we think she's turning Japanese we really think so!"

Lana Del Rey West Coast Feature

Lana Del Rey's 'West Coast' Gets Off To a Strong Start On iTunes

Down on the west coast, up on the iTunes chart...


Miley Cyrus Hospitalized After Severe Allergic Reaction

"Trust me, I hate this and I hate hospitals," she says.


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