Boob Job Blunders—Big, Lopsided and Very, Very Botched Plastic Surgery

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Boob-Job-Blunders-Big-Lopsided-Very-Botched-GAL.jpg Boob-Job-Blunders-Big-Lopsided-Very-Botched-GAL.jpg

Boob Job Blunders—Big, Lopsided and Very, Very Botched Plastic Surgery

By Leah Ornstein,

You may think twice about going under the knife after you check out these horrific photos of the worst boob job blunders we have ever seen.

From uniboobs and lopsided assets to ginormous granny globes and about to burst breasts, these people have gone way too far in their plastic surgery pursuits.

With help from out friends at Dr. Fugly, Popdust has photos of the 20 worst boob job blunders in a special plastic surgery feature.
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Bad-Boob-Job1.jpg Bad-Boob-Job1.jpg


This girl didn't mess around when the doctor asked her how big she wanted to go!
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Bad-Boob-Job2.jpg Bad-Boob-Job2.jpg


This is what a bad boob job looks like a few years later.
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Bad-Boob-Job3.jpg Bad-Boob-Job3.jpg


Those look totally real, right? Just like the lips.
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Bad-Boob-Job4.jpg Bad-Boob-Job4.jpg


You are never too old for a boob job, apparently.
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Bad-Boob-Job5.jpg Bad-Boob-Job5.jpg


Cheers to livin' large and lopsided at the pool!
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Bad-Boob-Job6.jpg Bad-Boob-Job6.jpg


Granny got some ginormous globes going on!
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Bad-Boob-Job7.jpg Bad-Boob-Job7.jpg


Maybe this woman should try keeping her extremely oversized assets under control by wearing a bra!
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Bad-Boob-Job8.jpg Bad-Boob-Job8.jpg


These twins are packed to the max and ready to pop.
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Bad-Boob-Job9.jpg Bad-Boob-Job9.jpg


I'm sorry lady. You are under arrest for felony bad plastic surgery.
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Bad-Boob-Job10.jpg Bad-Boob-Job10.jpg


Please give me a pair of boob five times bigger than my head, doctor.
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Bad-Boob-Job11.jpg Bad-Boob-Job11.jpg


Now that's one red hot mess of a uniboob.
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Bad-Boob-Job12.jpg Bad-Boob-Job12.jpg


If this boat sinks, at least this lady will have floatation devices at her disposal.
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Bad-Boob-Job13.jpg Bad-Boob-Job13.jpg


When bad boob jobs go lopsided...
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Bad-Boob-Job14.jpg Bad-Boob-Job14.jpg


These are maybe the biggest fake boobs I have ever seen. How does this lady even walk?
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Bad-Boob-Job15.jpg Bad-Boob-Job15.jpg


A trio of bad boob jobs out on the town for a night of action.
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Bad-Boob-Job16.jpg Bad-Boob-Job16.jpg


Now that's a great way to show off a bad boob job!
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Bad-Boob-Job17.jpg Bad-Boob-Job17.jpg


She looks like she's never had any work done, right?
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Bad-Boob-Job18.jpg Bad-Boob-Job18.jpg


Apparently this lady has never heard of the term proportionate.
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Bad-Boob-Job19.jpg Bad-Boob-Job19.jpg


This poor woman could easily be suffocated by her pals uber huge assets.
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Bad-Boob-Job20.jpg Bad-Boob-Job20.jpg


Attack of the uniboob.
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