For half a second I read "Alanis Morissette and Robin Thicke" as "Morrissey and Robyn" and I almost fell out of my chair trying to get to my DVR in time.

03:52pm Jan 8, 2012

Agreed! And no "Let's Get Loud," either? That said, we're up to nine perfectly respectable songs on here already, so yeah, thesis proven, I guess.

01:31am Dec 1, 2011

I just want to point out that AMERICAN LIFE could very easily be described as "personal electro-pop." And it was horrendous.

At this point I think we'd all prefer Madge to go a little LESS personal.

07:52pm Sep 9, 2011

Bette Midler stole the mermaid in a wheelchair from Lori Lemaris in the 1960s SUPERMAN comics anyway.

11:17am Jul 18, 2011

03:26am Jun 23, 2011

I smell a "Super Bass" -- a song that so self-evidently should've been a single, but which didn't fit with the artist's vision for what their album should be, and which thus gets held back for longer than it should. This will probably be an album-campaign-saver in a few months if the rumors about Columbia's panic are true.

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11:22pm Jun 22, 2011

I have to agree. The strongest signs of life on that Lambert album were the songs written by other performers, not pro songwriters -- Pink, Rivers Cuomo, Gaga, and Justin Hawkins. Any of those would've been wise to pursue for the second album (Gaga's probably out of the running, but whatevs). In fact, there's a song on the last Weezer album that sounds like it was tailor-made for Lambert -- "Trainwrecks." Maybe that's who Rivers originally wrote it for?

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08:10pm May 26, 2011

12:15pm May 21, 2011

Oh my God, "All The Things She Said." NAILED IT. I knew there was some reason why my lizard brain was responding favorably to the production on that song. THANK YOU for freeing me from that horrible, uncontrollable thought. Now I can just listen to TaTU again. (I always preferred "Not Gonna Get Us," but that's OK!)

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10:47am Apr 22, 2011


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