The 50 Craziest, Tipsiest, Ridin’ Dirtiest One-Hit Wonders of the ’00s

Aughts One Hit Wonders

Posted by on 09/26/2012 at 3:13 AM

The Popdust Files: 00s one-hit wonders, Fountains of Wayne, Stacy's Mom

#7 Fountains of Wayne, “Stacy’s Mom” (2003)

What It Was: A surprise hit from a bunch of longtime power-pop veterans, boosted by Rachel Hunter’s foxy turn as a modern Mrs. Robinson in the song’s music video.

What Happened Next: Though they’ve never had another single on the level of “Stacy’s Mom,” FoW’s brand of bright, catchy pop has proved perfect for playing in the background of soda commercials and Hollywood comedies, and the band continues produce albums and tour consistently.

Where Are They Now?: 2011′s Sky Full of Holes was Fountains of Wayne’s highest-charting album of their career, and they just backed up Harry Shearer on “Celebrity Booze Endorser” from the Simpsons actor’s satirical album Can’t Take A Hint.

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