The 50 Craziest, Tipsiest, Ridin’ Dirtiest One-Hit Wonders of the ’00s

#Lil’ Romeo, “My Baby” (2001)

Aughts One Hit Wonders
Posted on 09/25/2012 at 5:49 PM

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What It Was: Jackson 5 “I Want You Back“-sampling, G-rated fun that taught pre-teens to swear off serious relationships, courtesy of the son of ’90s rapper turned minister, Master P.

What Happened Next: Signed to his dad’s label at the age of five, with solo success by 12, it’s only fitting that Romeo would want to take a break to experiment with new things. First step: Dropping the “Lil.” Romeo embarked on a moderately successful acting career with television and film roles, while balancing duties on high school basketball team, the latter of which earned him a scholarship at the University of Southern California.

Where Are They Now?: With his balling days behind him, Romeo has dabbled in fashion via his label, College Boyys, and was featured on Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars. He’s also been back in the studio of late, forming the group RESQ3 and announcing plans for his fourth solo album, Intelligent Hoodlum, to be released in 2013.



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