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#34 Pink

2011 Ranking: 20

Alecia Moore has had a busy year, though a whole lot of it didn’t end up on the pop charts. Chances are, if Pink will remember this past year for one thing, it’ll either be for her time spent with her first offspring, delivered in June of last year, or for her time spent in the hospital, where she said peace out to one of her mutinous body organs. Still, somehow Pink did find time to put in some studio work, and she appears ready to re-assume her position as one of the world’s most consistent pop stars in no time at all.

When last we heard from Pink, she was having two of the biggest hits of her career—with throw-in bonus tracks to hear Greatest Hits…So Far!! compilation, remarkably enough:

But soon, she had to take a breather from her hit-making career to focus on something a little more important—the birth of her and Motocross star boyfriend Carey Hart’s first child. Willow Sage Hart was born on June 2nd, 2011.

PD40 Pink

For a long time, the only music we heard of Pink’s was “Bridge of Light,” her contribution to the Happy Feet 2 soundtrack. Alecia also appeared (well, sort of) in the movie, voicing penguin Gloria.

It was also announced that Pink would be getting a rare lead role in a live-action movie—her first since 2007 horror flick Catacombs—in the upcoming drama Thanks for Sharing, alongside Mark Ruffalo and Gwenyth Paltrow.

PD40 Pink

But soon, Pink was heading back to the studio, even turning back the clock with her hairstyle to commemorate the occasion:

PD40 Pink


But she was again distracted by her personal life—this time, with health problems. Pink had to be hospitalized with the stomach flu, eventually needing to have her gallbladder removed.

Finally, Pink was able to avoid the personal drama for long enough to compose and release a new single, given the uber-Pink title of “Blow Me (One Last Kiss).” The song, a semi-literal kiss-off to an ex, lifted the guitar line from Modest Mouse’s “Float On” for one of her most explosive pop/rock hooks in years, also packing her typical lyrical edge with the “Things can’t get worse / I’ve had a shit day / You’ve had a shit day” chorus. Catchy and anthemic, the song became Pink’s twelfth top ten hit in July.

Pink announced “Blow Me” would be the lead single from her sixth album, titled The Truth About Love and given the following Carly Rae Jepsen-esque cover:

PD40 Pink

The album was released September 18th, about two weeks after Pink made her comeback performance at the MTV Video Music Awards—her first time gracing the MTV stage since 2009.

PD40 Pink  

Will Pink be the same type of performer or artist after becoming a mother? From the VMA performance and our first few listens to Truth About Love, the answer seems a resounding yes, and in the meantime, Cover Girl has enough faith in Alecia to make her their new, well, cover girl. If they’re convinced, chances are pretty good the ol’ girl’s still got a fair bit left in the tank.

PD40 Pink  

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