Weddings, Elections, Swastikas and Bird Flips: 50 Defining Musical Images of 2012

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Weddings, Elections, Swastikas and Bird Flips: 50 Defining Musical Images of 2012

Nobody buries time capsules anymore—they just upload a folder of photos somewhere and hope that the internet is still around a couple generations or two from now. (Burying stuff is hard work anyway, and there's never a good capsule store around when you need one.) With that in mind, here's our version of a 2012 photo capsule, 50 images so instantly familiar that they need little to no explanation as to why 2012 just wouldn't have been 2012 had they not been so photographically captured. Whenever you're feeling bummed about the future, flip through these pics with our Year-End Spotify Playlist going in the background, and experience the wonder of the final year of the Mayan calendar all over again. (And if the two Taylor Swift-related pics weren't enough, we got you covered there, too.)
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50-Images-of-2012-2-Chainz.jpg 50-Images-of-2012-2-Chainz.jpg

2 Chainz and Chris Brown

2 Chainz with Aqua Breezy at the MTV Video Music Awards.
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vmas-rihanna-asap-rocky.jpg vmas-rihanna-asap-rocky.jpg

A$AP Rocky and Rihanna

"You sure you're cool with me...?" "For the last time, yes. And really GRAB the damn thing, will you? Do you want to be a trending topic or not?"
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50-Images-of-2012-Adam-Yauch.jpg 50-Images-of-2012-Adam-Yauch.jpg

Adam Yauch

R.I.P. MCA. We're still slamming our heads with a sneaker in tribute.
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pd40-adele-grammies.jpg pd40-adele-grammies.jpg


The big winner at the 2012 Grammys tends to her flock.
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pd40-flo-rida-avicii.jpg pd40-flo-rida-avicii.jpg


Just DJing from a bust of a gigantic head, no big deal. How do you play music for your friends?
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popstar-couples-avril-chad.jpg popstar-couples-avril-chad.jpg

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger

2012: The year "Chavril" became a thing.
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Beyonce-Votes-Feature.jpg Beyonce-Votes-Feature.jpg


Take that, Mitches.
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pdmidyear-blueivy.jpg pdmidyear-blueivy.jpg

Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter

One day, little Blue Ivy, everything that the light touches will be yours...
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Britney-Spears-Second-X-Factor-Season-Feature.jpg Britney-Spears-Second-X-Factor-Season-Feature.jpg

Britney Spears & Demi Lovato

It's all smiles amidst the X Factor cast until the first boy-band-related disagreement.
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50-Images-of-2012-Carly-Rae-Jepsen.jpg 50-Images-of-2012-Carly-Rae-Jepsen.jpg

Carly Rae Jepsen

Save that phone number for the next hott (and hopefully heterosexual) neighbor guy, Carly Rae.
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purrfect-the-cat004.jpg purrfect-the-cat004.jpg

Cee Lo Green

The breakout star of Season Two of The Voice was not any of the judges, but Cee Lo's feline companion Purrfect the Cat, who still has over 63,000 Twitter followers.
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Chris-Brown-New-Tattoo-Feature.jpg Chris-Brown-New-Tattoo-Feature.jpg

Chris Brown

It's Rihanna.
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usher-2012-guetta.jpg usher-2012-guetta.jpg

David Guetta and Usher

When Guetta and Usher take over / YEAHHHHHHHH
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Drake-26th-Birthday-HYFR.jpg Drake-26th-Birthday-HYFR.jpg


Mazel Tov, Drizzy, but what's taking you so long with our damn thank you note?
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pd40-ellie-goulding-skrillexfeature.jpg pd40-ellie-goulding-skrillexfeature.jpg

Ellie Goulding and Skrillex

The first power couple of EDM won't be making it to 2013, sadly.
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50-Images-of-2012-Flo-Rida.jpg 50-Images-of-2012-Flo-Rida.jpg

Flo Rida and Carly Rae Jepsen

Semi-anonymous pop stars gotta stick together.
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56186_original.png 56186_original.png

Frank Ocean

The big 2012 revelation that also gave us '90s Mac flashbacks.
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50-Images-of-2012-Fun.jpg 50-Images-of-2012-Fun.jpg


Don't pretend like there's actually a guitar line to be playing in "We Are Young," Jack Antonoff. Even in slow motion.
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50-Images-of-2012-GOOD-Music.jpg 50-Images-of-2012-GOOD-Music.jpg

G.O.O.D. Music

It is the weeping and the moaning and the inhabiting of parking lots.
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gotye-vmas-holdingreal.jpg gotye-vmas-holdingreal.jpg

Gotye and Kimbra

Gotye didn't have a lot of reason to make the Gotye Face in 2012.
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JayZBrooklynBarclaysCenterFull.jpg JayZBrooklynBarclaysCenterFull.jpg


The Jiggaman, currently counting the days until Brook Lopez's return to the starting lineup.
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popstar-couples-katy-john.jpg popstar-couples-katy-john.jpg

John Mayer and Katy Perry

How did John and Katy not notice the paparazzo hanging on their windshield? Are they just used to it?
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justin-bieber-rollingstone-cover.jpg justin-bieber-rollingstone-cover.jpg

Justin Bieber

Still creepy.
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bieber-gomez-phish-feature.jpg bieber-gomez-phish-feature.jpg

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

No more Phish concerts for Justin and Selena :<
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Justin-Timberlake-Jessica-Biel-People-Feature.jpg Justin-Timberlake-Jessica-Biel-People-Feature.jpg

Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel makes her new hubby feel so springy sprung.
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50-Images-of-2012-Kanye-West.jpg 50-Images-of-2012-Kanye-West.jpg

Kanye West

In 2013, put the pants back on before you leave the car, Kanye.
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Screen-Shot-2012-11-08-at-12.26.57-PM.png Screen-Shot-2012-11-08-at-12.26.57-PM.png


Nobody sneers quite like K-Money in 2012.
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lana-del-rey-snl1.jpg lana-del-rey-snl1.jpg

Lana Del Rey

About time for a triumphant return visit to "SNL" for Lana Del Rey, we'd say.
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wayne-ballgame-holding.jpg wayne-ballgame-holding.jpg

Lil Wayne

Weezy always knew that Barry Zito was gonna turn it around for San Francisco one of these days.
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lochte-ludacris-olympics-feature.jpg lochte-ludacris-olympics-feature.jpg


Luda gets into the Olympic spirit with some swimmer bros. #Jeah.
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50-Images-of-2012-MIA.jpg 50-Images-of-2012-MIA.jpg


Take that, Giants and/or Patriots fans!
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pd40-madonna-swastika.jpg pd40-madonna-swastika.jpg


Pop, politics and swastikas: Rarely, if ever, a good mixture.
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Nicki-Minaj-Mariah-Carey-American-Idol-Feature.jpg Nicki-Minaj-Mariah-Carey-American-Idol-Feature.jpg

Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj

Ryan Seacrest: "How do I always end up in the middle of these things?"
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50-Images-of-2012-Maroon-5.jpg 50-Images-of-2012-Maroon-5.jpg

Maroon 5

Adam Levine had to actually travel back in time to find the payphone to make his band's song appear plausible.
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miley-cyrus-short-hair05.jpg miley-cyrus-short-hair05.jpg

Miley Cyrus

2012: The year Miley Cyrus became Anna from The O.C.
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pd40-nicki-minaj-grammys.jpg pd40-nicki-minaj-grammys.jpg

Nicki Minaj

"You mad, 'coz I'm at the Grammys with the Vatican." We ain't mad, Nicki, honest.
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one-direction-fans.jpg one-direction-fans.jpg

One Direction

Crazy Directioners prove that your parents were right: Boy bands are the devil's music.
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paris-hilton-djs-holding.jpg paris-hilton-djs-holding.jpg

Paris Hilton

Very generous of Paris to provide EDM its obvious Spinal Tap moment. (Every genre needs one.)
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phillips-sanchez-charts-holding.jpg phillips-sanchez-charts-holding.jpg

Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez

Better luck next time, Jessica.
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50-Images-of-2012-Pitbull.jpg 50-Images-of-2012-Pitbull.jpg


Come back to Alaska anytime, Pit.
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Psy-Britney-Spears-Feature.jpg Psy-Britney-Spears-Feature.jpg


Los Del Rio probably never got on Ellen. (Possibly because the show didn't exist yet, but still.)
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pussy-riot-feature.jpg pussy-riot-feature.jpg

Pussy Riot

2012: The year even your grandmother knew who Pussy Riot were.
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randy-travis-arrest-feature.jpg randy-travis-arrest-feature.jpg

Randy Travis

Randy Travis: Definitely About That Life.
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rick-ross-rollingstone-embed.jpg rick-ross-rollingstone-embed.jpg

Rick Ross

How many words is a picture worth, again?
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Rihanna-Unapologetic-Cover.jpg Rihanna-Unapologetic-Cover.jpg


Let she who is without sin be the first to refuse apology.
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swedish.jpg swedish.jpg

Swedish House Mafia

New rule: You have to exist as an entity for longer than three-or-so years to play a "Farewell Tour."
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woodland7-copy.png woodland7-copy.png

Taylor Swift

"Hey, you guys think we'll get to be in Taylor's next video too?"
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taylor-swift-conor-kennedy-kiss-feature.jpg taylor-swift-conor-kennedy-kiss-feature.jpg

Taylor Swift

You'll always be her first love, Conor. Well, maybe not.
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50-Images-of-2012-Waka-Flocka.jpg 50-Images-of-2012-Waka-Flocka.jpg

Waka Flocka Flame

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wyclef-e1350505685824.jpg wyclef-e1350505685824.jpg

Wyclef Jean

If 2012 gave us nothing else, it gave us shirtless, oiled-up Wyclef on a motorbike. #Dayenu.
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