The Year In Photos (and Gently Mocking Captions)

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The Year In Photos (and Gently Mocking Captions)

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then this slideshow is worth 73,000 words (don't hurt yourself - that's 73 pictures).  Think of it as pop music's Class of 2011 yearbook, where the yearbook photographer is intensely focused on capturing such day-to-day occurrences as the nip-slip.  We hope you'll enjoy our comprehensive chronological collection of captured moments, along with our own playful captioning (so you don't get too misty-eyed).
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snooki_spl236910_013-617x413.jpg snooki_spl236910_013-617x413.jpg

"I've Now Written More Books Than I've Read!"

January 7: Snooki signs copies of “her” “book” A Shore Thing at a Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles. The season three premiere of Jersey Shore on Thursday night was MTV's highest rated telecast ever, drawing 8.4 million viewers, according to Nielsen.
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gaga_skinny107914520-617x413.jpg gaga_skinny107914520-617x413.jpg

"Bitch Stole My Nipple Tape!"

January 7: Polaroid creative director/humanoid Lady Gaga helps unveil the Polaroid GL20 camera glasses at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
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ludacris_107997486-617x413.jpg ludacris_107997486-617x413.jpg

"Demi, Quick, What's The Dude's Name From That Dope Bieber Jam?"

January 12: Ashton Kutcher and Ludacris, pre-man-hug, with Natalie Portman at the No Strings Attached movie premiere.
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brandyRayJ_spl240644_021-617x413.jpg brandyRayJ_spl240644_021-617x413.jpg

"Sweetie, You've Got Some Ho Spit On Your Cheek"

January 17: Brandy helps her brother Ray J celebrate his 30th birthday at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas. The sibs star in Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business on VH1.
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jaredLeto-617x334.jpg jaredLeto-617x334.jpg

"Why Oh Why Don't I Get The Musical Respect I Deserve?"

January 20: Very handsome man Jared Leto, singer-songwriter for 30 Seconds to Mars, takes his girlfriend's hat for a stroll in L.A.
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willow_spl242441_014-617x413.jpg willow_spl242441_014-617x413.jpg

"I'm Missing 5th Grade for This?"

January 24: A bored-looking Willow Smith (middle) suffers through some downtime on the set of her new video.
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nickiMinaj_110121P1_MINAJ_B-GR_01.jpg nickiMinaj_110121P1_MINAJ_B-GR_01.jpg

"My Wig Bill Is How Much?!?"

January 24: Nicki Minaj appears startled in front of the British paparazzi in London. The hip-hop star is overseas promoting her debut album, Pink Friday.
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demiLovato_spl241611_002-617x413.jpg demiLovato_spl241611_002-617x413.jpg

Demi Lovato Admits She is Powerless Over Ultimate Red Velvet Cheesecake

January 31: The Disney star visits a Cheesecake Factory following her release from rehab for “emotional and physical issues.”
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justinTimberlake_108630944-617x413.jpg justinTimberlake_108630944-617x413.jpg

"Remember When I Used to Sing? Me Neither!"

Justin Timberlake arrives at the SAG Awards on Sunday night. Okay, you're an ac-tor. Congrats. NOW MAKE WITH THE SINGING!
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ladyGaga.jpg ladyGaga.jpg

Lady Gaga Forgeos Helmet, Pads, Pants

February 4: Skateboarding daredevil Lady Gaga pimps for Supreme in a series of pics for Purple magazine, shot by Terry Richardson. More safety don'ts, and Gaga heiney, below.
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whitneyHouston_spl246883_005-617x413.jpg whitneyHouston_spl246883_005-617x413.jpg

"I May Be Crazy, But at Least I Know the Words to the National Anthem!"

February 10: Whitney Houston, belter of the gold-standard Super Bowl “Star Spangled Banner,” happily shopping in Beverly Hills.
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mileyCyrus_109040767-617x413.jpg mileyCyrus_109040767-617x413.jpg

Best. Blind Date Episode. Ever.

February 13: Mumford and Sons banjoist Winston Marshall teaches Miley Cyrus how to Dougie at Clive Davis's pre-Grammy dinner.
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willow_ladyGaga_109063002-1.jpg willow_ladyGaga_109063002-1.jpg

Shari Lewis and Lambchop Make a Triumphant Comeback

February 14: Scary lady Lady Gaga scars Willow Smith forever at Sunday's Grammy awards.
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KatyKanye.jpg KatyKanye.jpg

"I'mma Let Your Finish, but David Bowie Was The Best Ziggy Stardust of All Time."

February 15: Kanye West and Katy Perry on the set of Perry's new video, “E.T.,” directed by Floria Sigismondi. Perry's North American arena tour kicks off on June 7 in Atlanta.
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will.i.am_GettyImages_109370893-617x413.jpg will.i.am_GettyImages_109370893-617x413.jpg

Texting Gloves Are So 3008

February 24: greets earthlings at Club Vanity in Tokyo.
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stevenTyler_spl251942_014.jpg stevenTyler_spl251942_014.jpg

Steven Tyler Entertains Tourists With His Famed Grandpa Simpson Impression

February 25: The American Idol judge shops for (more?) glasses in Beverly Hills, CA.
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christinaAguilera_CAguilera030311_03_X17-617x413.jpg christinaAguilera_CAguilera030311_03_X17-617x413.jpg

"Be Honest: Does This Bathrobe Make Me Look Sober?"

March 4: Christina Aguilera, who was arrested for public intoxication on Tuesday, leaves Smashbox Studios in Culver City.
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mileyCyrus_109750520-617x413.jpg mileyCyrus_109750520-617x413.jpg

Miley Cyrus Unveils "Dirty Sanches" Alter Ego For New Spike TV Show

March 4: The singer/actor donned a mustache—she loves mustaches!—for her appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
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lilJon_FP_6920882_Aprentice_Celeb_RIA_12_26-617x413.jpg lilJon_FP_6920882_Aprentice_Celeb_RIA_12_26-617x413.jpg

Sadly, The Crunk Mascot Industry Isn't What It Used To Be

March 7: Celebrity Apprentice contestant Lil Jon and swollen-headed doppelganger attend the show's cast party in Las Vegas.
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katyPerry_spl255516_013-617x413-1.jpg katyPerry_spl255516_013-617x413-1.jpg

Red Hand Fans: When a Blue Wig Isn't Attention-Grabbing Enough

March 8: A colorful Katy Perry attends the Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Fall/Winter 2012 fashion show.
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ladyGaga_spl255802_002-617x413.jpg ladyGaga_spl255802_002-617x413.jpg

"Milk, Oranges, Gallon of Fake Period Blood, Giant Live-In Eggs..."

March 10: Lady Gaga performs on her Monster Ball tour in Boston.
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justinBiebier_spl256633_008.jpg justinBiebier_spl256633_008.jpg

"And This Is a New Song Called 'Trouser Snake!'"

March 14: Justin Bieber suffers a temporary wardrobe malfunction during his concert at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England.
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peteWentz_AKM3836_46293-617x413.jpg peteWentz_AKM3836_46293-617x413.jpg

"I'll Have a 'My Wife and Close Friend Betrayed Me Animal Style,' Please."

March 15: Recently separated Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson set aside their differences and pig out at an In-N-Out Burger in L.A.
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pink_holding_spl242396_001-617x413.jpg pink_holding_spl242396_001-617x413.jpg

Pink Reclaims Barefoot and Pregnant Cliche

March 16: The singer goes for a power walk in Venice, Calif. She and husband Carey Hart are expecting their first child later this year.
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nickiMinaj_GettyImages_110255469-617x413.jpg nickiMinaj_GettyImages_110255469-617x413.jpg

Nicki Minaj Stars in "Bring It On 5: Damn! That Freakin' Hurts!"

March 18: Nicki and her dancers kick off her I Am Still Music 2011 tour in Providence, RI.
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rebeccaBlack3.jpg rebeccaBlack3.jpg

Like When Nixon Met Mao

March 21: "Friday” phenom Rebecca Black and radio/American Idol host Ryan Seacrest take a moment to reflect on their freakish popularity.
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christinaAguilera_FNP_SCL_00099451084.jpg christinaAguilera_FNP_SCL_00099451084.jpg

The 13th Step: Get a Driver

March 28: Christina Aguilera and boyfriend Matthew Rutler play tonsil hockey after dinner out in Santa Monica, CA. Police recently charged Rutler with DUI after he and Xtina had enjoyed a wine-soaked dinner date.
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Beyoncespl263004_002-617x413.jpg Beyoncespl263004_002-617x413.jpg

Tonight, on "The Real Housewives of Camden"...

April 1: Beyoncé poses for famed photographer Ellen Von Unwerth at a fleabaggy New Jersey motel.
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stevenTyler_GettyImages_111503477-617x413.jpg stevenTyler_GettyImages_111503477-617x413.jpg

Taylor Swift, Minutes Before Boiling Her Left Thumb and Index Finger

April 4: Despite our plea for a stoppage, Taylor Swift and Steven Tyler make the hand-heart sign at last night's ACM Awards.
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mileyCyrus.jpg mileyCyrus.jpg

"Hey, Do I Have Spinach And/or Gold Stuck in My Teeth?"

April 7: Miley Cyrus shares her uncanny resemblance to Gucci Mane, as he appears on the cover of The Source magazine. She tweeted, “Don't mind me just showin off muahhh grill with @gucci1017 at the urrrport!”
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adamLambert_111869044-617x413.jpg adamLambert_111869044-617x413.jpg

"Wish You Were Here, Simon! JK NOT REALLY!"

April 8: Paula Abdul and Adam Lambert share nail polish at Logo's “NewNowNext Awards” in Hollywood.
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piaToscano_spl240671_001.jpg piaToscano_spl240671_001.jpg

After Weighing Offers, Pia Toscano Signs With Random Guy's Label

April 12: The American Idol linner (that's our loser/winner portmanteau, nerds) greets fans in New York City.
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taylorMomsen_64325520_Max-617x413.jpg taylorMomsen_64325520_Max-617x413.jpg

"Yes, As a Matter of Fact, It Would Kill Me To Smile"

April 14: The Pretty Reckless' Taylor Momsen signs a guitar in support of Music Unites' InTune performance series, which benefits inner-city schools.
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christinaAguilera_spl269643_001.jpg christinaAguilera_spl269643_001.jpg

"Hello, Each and Every Person Who Saw 'Burlesque!'"

April 21: Christina Aguilera arrives at The Abbey to become the first celebrity to put her hand- and footprints on the Hollywood Gay Walk of Fame in West Hollywood, CA.
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rihanna_110427NC2_RIHANNA_B-GR_03.jpg rihanna_110427NC2_RIHANNA_B-GR_03.jpg

Rihanna Helpfully Volunteers to Pat Herself Down at Airport Security

April 29: Rihanna discusses the state of federal aviation security with TSA agents as she prepares to depart LAX.
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KellyOsbourneFergie_050311_01_X17-617x413.jpg KellyOsbourneFergie_050311_01_X17-617x413.jpg

"If Mr. Snuggles Can't Fly First Class, The Terrorists Win"

May 4: Fergie, Kelly Osbourne and cutest-dog-alive arrive at LAX from New York City.
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paulaAbdul_spl275739_001-1.jpg paulaAbdul_spl275739_001-1.jpg

"We Genuinely Love Each Other-Slash-Money"

March 9: Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul seal their deal to join forces on the X Factorwith a kiss.
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ladyGagaCROP_spl275087_006.jpg ladyGagaCROP_spl275087_006.jpg

"Remind Me to Give My Nipple-Tape Assisstant a Raise"

May 9: Lady Gaga and her color-coordinated tassles appear at a press conference in Mexico City.
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kesha_60749PCN_Kesha02.jpg kesha_60749PCN_Kesha02.jpg

Mother and Daughter, Getting Crunk Crunk

May 10: Ke$ha takes her mom, Pebe Sebert, out for an evening in Los Angeles.
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nickJonasFULL_61122PCN_JonasGoodrem07-617x413.jpg nickJonasFULL_61122PCN_JonasGoodrem07-617x413.jpg

"You Were Born in the '80s? Weird."

May 16: Nick Jonas, 18, holds hands with Australian singer Delta Goodrem, 26, in Los Angeles.
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MirandaLambert.jpg MirandaLambert.jpg

The Couple The Fishes Together...

May 19: Newlywed Miranda Lambert poses with her catch of the day. Lambert is on her honeymoon with husband Blake Shelton.
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kanyeWest_spl278879_003.jpg kanyeWest_spl278879_003.jpg

"Man, I Just Know We're Gonna Get Racially Profiled"

May 19: Kanye West and an unidentified friend drive a limited-edition Mercedes McLaren SLR Stirling Moss roadster to amFAR's fundraising gala in Cannes, France.
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lilWayneHGOLDING_spl281293_010.jpg lilWayneHGOLDING_spl281293_010.jpg

"I Specifically Reminded You to Wear Your Bathing Suit Under Your Shorts!"

May 25: Lil Wayne and his anonymous new belle cavort around Miami Beach, before attending the Heat game at night.
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ladyGaga_114835352.jpg ladyGaga_114835352.jpg

"This is So Much More Fun to Ride than a Disco Stick!"

May 27: Lady Gaga zips above the crowd at a Good Morning America taping in Central Park.
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GwenStefanispl283369_001-617x413.jpg GwenStefanispl283369_001-617x413.jpg

Underneath It All...

June 1:  …Gwen Stefani is wearing a thong, under a transparent sarong.
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taylorSwift_115546252-617x413.jpg taylorSwift_115546252-617x413.jpg

(Not Pictured: Joe Jonas and Mutt Lange)

June 8: Taylor Swift and Shania Twain make like Thelma and Louise for a bit on tonight's CMT Awards.
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Kesha_CourtneyLove2.jpg Kesha_CourtneyLove2.jpg

Kesha Sees Future, Gasps Audibly

June 15: Courtney Love and Ke$ha attend the second annual AmFar Inspiration Gala in New York City.
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ceeLoGreen_116492571-617x413.jpg ceeLoGreen_116492571-617x413.jpg

Turns Out, Cee Lo Does Not Float

June 16: Cee Lo goes for a dip at the Marquee nightclub in the Cosmopolitan hotel, Las Vegas.
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chrisBrown_GettyImages_117474897-617x413.jpg chrisBrown_GettyImages_117474897-617x413.jpg

"You'll Be My Friends, Won't You?"

June 27: Chris Brown poses in the press room following the BET Awards. Brown took home four trophies last night.
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ladyGaga_spl294448_006.jpg ladyGaga_spl294448_006.jpg

"Come, Little Ones...Drink from Mother Monster!"

July 5: Lady Gaga receives a tribal greeting during an appearance in Taiwan, where the mayor pronounced it “Lady Gaga Day.”
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justinBieber_118991965-617x413.jpg justinBieber_118991965-617x413.jpg

Selena Gomez and the Shortest Man at the ESPYs

July 14: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez professionally cuddle at last night's ESPY Awards, Los Angeles.
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diddy_118959761-617x413.jpg diddy_118959761-617x413.jpg

"I Told You, Ozwald: No Public Displays of Affection...Yet"

July 14: Diddy gets measured for a bespoke suit by designer Ozwald Boateng at the Ozwald Boateng store on Saville Row, London.
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demiLovato_spl299006_006.jpg demiLovato_spl299006_006.jpg

"They'll Never Think of Looking for Joe Jonas' Body In Here!"

July 21: Demi Lovato leaves a party at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, CA.
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KatyPerry64446PCN_Smurfette02-1.jpg KatyPerry64446PCN_Smurfette02-1.jpg

"Mothersmurker. Now Everyone Can See My Smurf!"

July 25: Katy Perry wears a teeny-tiny Smurfette dress for the world premiere of The Smurfs movie at New York's Zeigfield Theatre. Perry is the voice of Smurfette.
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holding_kesha-terry-richardson-shoot-03.jpg holding_kesha-terry-richardson-shoot-03.jpg

"Haha, Very Funny. Now Please Return My Glitter and Face Paint."

July 28: Ke$ha, absent her usual face goop, poses for fashion photographer Terry Richardson.
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britney-pauly-d.jpg britney-pauly-d.jpg

Gym, Tan, Lap Dance

August 12: Britney Spears does the lapdance thing with opening act DJ Pauly D, of Jersey Shore fame, at Montreal's Bell Centre.
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taylor-holding.jpg taylor-holding.jpg

Taylor Swift Will Not Give In to the Tyranny of the Bikini

August 22: Last Demure Pop Star Taylor Swift photoblogged from her all-girl beach vacation with her backing band/dancers in Charleston, SC.
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jennifer-lopez-holding.jpg jennifer-lopez-holding.jpg

"Marc Never Let Me Wear Mom Shorts"

August 24: Jennifer Lopez, on the set of her music video, “Papi.”
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dummy.jpg dummy.jpg

Sellout? Seltzer? Selleck, Tom?

September 8: Selena Gomez shows off her new “Sel” henna tattoo–short for Selena.
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gaga-champagne-holding.jpg gaga-champagne-holding.jpg

There's Always One Drunken Yahoo That Ruins the Game for Everyone...

September 20: Lady Gaga watches the New York Giants defeat the St. Louis Rams from a luxury box at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium.
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rihanna-butt-grab-holding.jpg rihanna-butt-grab-holding.jpg

Rihanna Shows Fans How to Conduct a Booty Self-Exam

September 23: During a concert in Brazil, Rihanna, per usual, can't resist groping herself.
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katy-perry-old-lady-holding-1.jpg katy-perry-old-lady-holding-1.jpg

Being Married to Russell Brand Really Ages a Woman

October 5: Katy Perry plays an elderly woman in the video for her new single, “The One That Got Away.”
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kelly-rowland-holding-2.jpg kelly-rowland-holding-2.jpg

Yes, Your Body's Too Nipplicious For Us

October 18: Kelly Rowland, in a sheer top, leaves the X Factor studio in London. Rowland re-pledged her love to her fake boobs in an interview this month in Cosmopolitan magazine.
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mariah-carey-babies-barbara-walters.jpg mariah-carey-babies-barbara-walters.jpg

Mommy and Daddy Love (and Profit Off) You Very Much

October 19: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon world-premiere their six-month-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe, on 20/20 with Barbara Walters.
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jessica-simpson-pregnant-holding.jpg jessica-simpson-pregnant-holding.jpg

Is This Baby, What I Have, Or Is This Bloat?

October 25: Jessica Simpson, who reportedly won't confirm her pregnancy until a tabloid coughs up $500K for the exclusive, takes a walk in NYC.
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taylor-swift-escalator-1.jpg taylor-swift-escalator-1.jpg

Wonderstruck: Because "Fake Surprise" Is a Poor Name for a Perfume

November 1: Perpetually astonished superstar Taylor Swift greets fans at her Wonderstruck fragrance launch in Franklin, Tennessee.
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minaj-donatella-holding.jpg minaj-donatella-holding.jpg

"But Donatella, Will My Crazy Every Fuel a Classic SNL Sketch?"

November 9: Designer Donatella Versace and Nicki Minaj stage a crazy-off at the Versace for H&M fashion show in NYC.
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bieber-selena-underwear-paris.jpg bieber-selena-underwear-paris.jpg

"Wait...I Can Keep My Pants On for the Paternity Test?"

November 11: Selena Gomez and Justin “Captain Underpants” Bieber are escorted through a paparazzi scrum in Paris.
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demi-grammy-holding.jpg demi-grammy-holding.jpg

Demi Lovato: Sonny with a Chance (of Nip Slip)

November 11: Demi Lovato wows onlookers with a cleavage-bearing gown at last night's Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas.
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taylor-swift-springsteen.jpg taylor-swift-springsteen.jpg

The Boss (with Bruce Springsteen)

November 18: Bruce Springsteen poses with Taylor Swift backstage at her show in Raleigh, NC. Swift wrote on Facebook that Springsteen played “Dancing in the Dark” for her, and then signed her guitar.
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bieber-obama-christmas1.jpg bieber-obama-christmas1.jpg

"I'll Have Malila Home by 11, Mr. President"

December 13: President Barack Obama and Justin Bieber shake hands onstage during Christmas in Washington 2011 at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC.
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adele-hair-done-holding1.jpg adele-hair-done-holding1.jpg

And the Grammy for Poufiest Hair Goes to...

December 22: Adele, recovered from vocal surgery, tweeted: “Back on the grind. Hair and makeup did. Merry Christmas!”
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