16 Pictures of Girl Group T-ara, K-pop’s Reigning Comeback Queens

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16 Pictures of Girl Group T-ara, K-pop's Reigning Comeback Queens

T-ara is the prime and triumphant example of a K-pop comeback band. After a year of potentially career-ending scandals (deemed "T-aragate"), they miraculously managed to dominate the K-pop Top 100 chart in 2012.

We're personally on the edge of our seats to see what they come out with next. After hearing their single "Day By Day," we threw T-ara straight into our 2013's Comeback Star tournament. Although they were narrowly overtaken by Justin Timberlake in the semifinals, it's clear that their fanbase is loyal and tenacious.

So, dear T-ara fans, we present this slideshow as a token of our admiration. Hope you think it's T-riffic!

—Samantha Martin


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Now that is synchronicity.
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Double-Handed Rock Paper Scissors?
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"Come to our Slumber Party! @You @YourTeddyBear"
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That one time they contracted Saturday Night Fever.
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Insanely adorable (provided they maintain this exact formation).
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If the members of T-ara see their shadows, it means fabulousness will last forever.
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They wear their sunglasses at night.
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T. Agressive. T T Agressive.
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We must know what these dresses mean.
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Assign each outfit to one day of the week and you've got your Fashion Week ensemble.
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Time to invest stock in yellow pumps.
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T-ARA-Slideshow-15.jpg T-ARA-Slideshow-15.jpg

Crying, fist pumping, or pretending to be cats? The world may never know...
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Is it just us, or do they get more adorable day by day?
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