Calling All Bachelors & Bachelorettes: The 15 Most Eligible Pop Stars

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Calling All Bachelors & Bachelorettes: The 15 Most Eligible Pop Stars

Now that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back on the market, a look at the crop of unattached male and female pop stars most worthy of your pining or internet flirtation. Click through for our full list!
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Selena Gomez, 20

The Sactress (singer-actress) and former Disney star can really do it all: she's down for quiet movie nights or rowdy live sporting events, and and cheeks you just want to pinch. But after dating a guy whose attention was spread over 30 million people, anything you throw at her will likely be appreciated.

Notable Relationships: Selena spent the last two year with The Bieb, narrowly avoiding the wrath of his Twitter followers.
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Drake, 26

On top of being able to grow excellent facial hair and having the phone number of at least one former Degrassi cast member, Young Aubrey is in touch with his feelings and exhibits behavior suggesting he'd like to settle down. Exhibit A: His new Los Angeles mansion—complete with a grotto—which is perfect to host pool parties for the flock of adorable babies you'll soon have with him. He's business-minded but likes to have fun, living life by a certain mantra you might be familiar with.

Notable Relationships: Drake has been linked to numerous women, including the one responsible for asking, "are you drink right now?" and Rihanna.
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Taylor Swift, 22

Do you like taking romantic strolls through Parisian streets? Eating baked goods? Constantly surprising someone who's just happy you pulled out her chair for her? Much has been written about Taylor's romantic life—too the point where she might be considered too eligible—but that doesn't stop her from being an incredible catch; just look to her versatile tresses and how she's dominated the sometimes risky shade of red this year, or her stacked trophy case and burgeoning film career. Newly freed from the clutches of a Kennedy, line up and prepare to sign a waiver acknowledging that you'll probably becoming the subject of a song—or 13.

Notable Relationships: Stints with Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor Kennedy. She's due for something long-term.
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Rick Ross, 36

I ain't saying you a gold digger, but you would get so many presents, infinite Twitter hype and lots of free meals at Wingstop if you hooked up with the untouchable, flawless, magnificent, Ricky Rozay.
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Nick Jonas, 20

The youngest of the JoBros is arguably the hunk of this family band—even Anjelica Huston can't keep her hands off him!—with the most going for him. As the Jonas Brothers begin touring around new material that just might lead to an album, 20-year-old Nick has more options to fall back on, yet has already seen the suburban bliss than can come with married life. And in these uncertain times, security goes a long way.

Notable Relationships: Miley Cyrus, the maybe-subject of new Jonas song, "Wedding Bells"
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Rihanna, 24

Putting those well-known assets and the tremendous chart success aside, it's about time someone pulled her away from the orbit of Chris Brown. She might seem hard to tame, but really she's just looking for someone to accompany her on her travels.

Notable Relationships: Chris Brown, whom dated from and 2008-09.
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Taylor Hicks, 36

Madame Swiftie is just the OTHER Taylor, as far as this American Idol winner is concerned. You know you want to be rocked to sleep with tales of what Simon Cowell is really like. Plus, the silver fox needs someone to console him after the Mitt Romney loss.
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RedFoo, 37

This party-rocker with Motown lineage will keep you on your toes when it comes to personal style, and help to ensure that you're never the Worst Dressed in the room. And with LMFAO on hiatus, even more of his attention can be directed towards you. You've always wanted to learn how to shuffle, right?
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Liam Payne of One Direction, 19

Being the "sensible" member of a boy band is rarely sexy, but Liam finds a way to make it work. In the midst of One Direction's crazy, jet-setting lifestyle, he's the member we suspect most wants to settle down.

Notable Relationships: Liam dated dancer Danielle Peazer for about two years, before splitting in August.
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Nathan Sykes of The Wanted, 19

The Wanted's baby faced crooner already played at being engaged for the "I Found You" music video. A bit of Freudian wish-fulfilment?
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Katy Perry, 28

Sure, she's currently in an on-again, off-again thing with John Mayer, but does anyone think that will lead her down the aisle? After Katy gets that Panama-Hatted bad boy out of her system, we predict she settles down fairly quickly—after her first marriage fizzled, she seems like she knows what she does and doesn't want.

Notable Relationships: Perry was married to Russell Brand for 14 months, from October 2010 to December 2011.
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Demi Lovato, 20

From heartbreak to rehab, this girl's been through it all, and she's come out the other side much stronger for it. Only come at her if you're looking for something real—her patience for immature boys (like, say, a certain Jonas) has been severely compromised.

Notable Relationships: The aforementioned JoBro, as well as an on-again, off-again thing with Wilmer Valderrama, who is 12 years her senior.
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Ke$ha, 25

Many of the people on this list have a long (and intimidating) history of super-famous exes. Not so with Ke$ha! We're pretty sure a 40 and an driver's license are all you need to party with this lady.

Notable Relationships: Ke$ha dated Australian drummer Alex Carapetis in 2010, but has most recently been linked to this.
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Ellie Goulding, 25

Goulding has been known to adopt the hairstyles of her squeezes. Surely yours is better than Skrillex's?

Notable Relationships: The wub-wub-wub master, for about a year.
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Justin Bieber, 18

Bieber has said he wants to be "a young dad," and get married by 25. The clock is ticking! Ladies, there is no better time than RIGHT NOW to make your move.

Notable Relationships: Selena Gomez, from 2011 to 2012.
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