Nailed It: 21 Photos Of Pop Music’s Wildest Manicures

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Kesha-Nails-Feature.jpg Kesha-Nails-Feature.jpg

Nailed It: 21 Photos Of Pop Music's Wildest Manicures

A star's hands clutch microphones, tickle ivories, strum strings, and hold other stars' hands. Whether or not we think about, they are constantly on display. Webster defines "fingernail" as "the flattish horny envelope on the upper surface of the tip of each finger." That sounds unappealing. We prefer to think of nails are the artist's canvas—an extension of who they are, literally and figuratively.

We went digging for the best examples of how stars express themselves through nail art. Try to guess the artist without looking at their name. HINT: This game is impossible. Maybe you'll come up with some ideas for your own set of flattish horny envelopes. Just make sure to use them for good—we don't wanna see any cat fights!

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Alicia-Nails-1.jpg Alicia-Nails-1.jpg

Alicia Keys

Proper maintenance of the Keys key-ticklers is, well, key.
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Alicia-Nails-2.jpg Alicia-Nails-2.jpg

Alicia Keys

The Keys key-ticklers are occasionally quite blung.
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Ashley-Tis-Nails.jpg Ashley-Tis-Nails.jpg

Ashley Tisdale

A ladybug landing on your freshly mani'd nails is, like, super good luck or something.
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Beyonce-Nails.jpg Beyonce-Nails.jpg

Beyonce Knowles

More like Beyonce NAILS, amirite?!
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Carly-Rae-Nails.jpg Carly-Rae-Nails.jpg

Carly Rae Jepsen

Call Me Mani'd.
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Katy-Perry-Nails.jpg Katy-Perry-Nails.jpg

Katy Perry

I bedazzled my nails, and I like it!
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Cher-Lloyd-Nails.jpg Cher-Lloyd-Nails.jpg

Cher Lloyd

Things Cher Lloyd Wants:

1. U Back.

2. Hello Kitty Nails.
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Demi-Nails.jpg Demi-Nails.jpg

Demi Lovato

The gold diamonds are Demi's X Factor.
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Gaga-Nails.jpg Gaga-Nails.jpg

Lady Gaga

This Monster's got claws.
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Mariah-Nails.jpg Mariah-Nails.jpg

Mariah Carey

For the sake of political nails, it was smart of Obama to have five letters in his last name.
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Jessie-J-Nails.jpg Jessie-J-Nails.jpg

Jessie J

We'd like to know the Price Tag on those puppies.
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Selena-Nails.jpg Selena-Nails.jpg

Selena Gomez

No need to trim those claws, she comes in peace.
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Kesha-Nails-1.jpg Kesha-Nails-1.jpg


These spin heads right round (right round).
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Kesha-Nails-2.jpg Kesha-Nails-2.jpg


Ke$ha has a rare allergy to using the same polish on different nails.
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Kesha-Nails-3.jpg Kesha-Nails-3.jpg


Fortunately, she recovered!

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Rihanna-Nails.jpg Rihanna-Nails.jpg


These nails deserve to Take a Bow.
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Victoria-Justice-Nails.jpg Victoria-Justice-Nails.jpg

Victoria Justice

No words could do these nails—don't make us say it—justice.
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Ciara-Nails.jpg Ciara-Nails.jpg


The Happiest Nails on Earth
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Brandy-Nails-1.jpg Brandy-Nails-1.jpg


Ain't no branding Brandy!
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Brandy-Nails-2.jpg Brandy-Nails-2.jpg


"What About Us?"

You're great too, alternate example of Brandy's nails.
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Christina-Milian-Nails.jpg Christina-Milian-Nails.jpg

Christina Milian

Those sparkly ring fingers are a reminder to her beau of where to put her presents.
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