`Basketball Body Art Blunders! The Most Disgusting Tattoos in NBA History

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`Basketball Body Art Blunders! The Most Disgusting Tattoos in NBA History

Popdust has sourced photos of  the very worst of the worst NBA player tattoos for your enjoyment....
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DeShawn Stevenson

Face tattoos are just WRONG on so many levels. DeShawn Stevenson is a basketball player, but he's a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates, so he got their logo, backwards, inked on his face. Makes sense, right? He also has a crack on his forehead, which is supposed to mean “never cracks.” He has many other ugly tattoos as well. Keep clicking to see them.
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Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose likes tattoos and has a lot of them, but his ugliest is most definitely the creepy looking wizard holding a basketball that lives on his left shoulder and reads “Poohdini.”
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stevenson.jpg stevenson.jpg

DeShawn Stevenson2

…This is just creepy, but at least if he gets amnesia, he will be easily identified.
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deshawn_stevenson_tattoo_1.jpg deshawn_stevenson_tattoo_1.jpg

DeShawn Stevenson3

…And DeShawn Stevenson's third most awful tattoo is this Abe Lincoln thingy.
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Stephon Marbury

Stephon Marbury, who has branded himself Starbury, got a tattoo of his logo on his face.
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1817003101.jpg 1817003101.jpg

Amar'e Stoudemire

Amar'e Stoudemire paid tribute to his brother who passed away by getting a single tear tattooed under his right eye.
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156948419.jpg 156948419.jpg

Deron Williams

Want some advice on bad tattoos? Call up Deron Williams, who is an expert on the topic. Aside from his lovely and large panther (see next slide), he also has his initials, his nickname and a basketball inside the state of Texas reading TEXAS MADE.
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138769260.jpg 138769260.jpg

Deron Williams2

Here is another look at Deron Williams extensive body art collection.
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back.jpg back.jpg

Mike Bibby2

…The faces of his mother and his grandparents on his back.
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98773006.jpg 98773006.jpg

Mike Bibby

Mike Bibby really likes tattoos. So much so, that he has a page on his website dedicated to his tattoos and their “meanings.” They range from his children's names and religious symbols to an inscription that reads Only God Can Judge Me on his calf to…(drum roll please and click to next slide)
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95966725.jpg 95966725.jpg

Jason Williams

Jason “Whit EBoy” Williams has a whole lot of creepy tattoo action going on, as can be seen in this action photo, but his trademark ink lives on his fingers….(keep clicking to the next slide)
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williams.jpg williams.jpg

Jason Williams2

…And there ya go. His nickname. Whit Eboy.
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450959293.jpg 450959293.jpg

Kenyon Martin

Kenyon Martin has many hideous tattoos, from the lips on his neck to that baby on his arm…well you can see for yourself here. He also has a big ass tattoo on his back…
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martin.jpg martin.jpg

Kenyon Martin2

…That says “I shall fear no man but god.” Deep.
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107967007.jpg 107967007.jpg

Marquis Daniels

Marquis Daniels is obsessed with getting inked, but his worst tattoo is only visible when he takes his shirt off.
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danielsback5qv.jpg danielsback5qv.jpg

Marquis Daniels2

…I guess the best thing about that tattoo of the state of Florida, is he will never get lost when driving around the state. Or forget his area code.
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159014058.jpg 159014058.jpg

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony has also defaced his body with ugly tattoos. His “best” work of art is this WB logo on his left arm, which means Warner Brothers for the rest of the world and West Baltimore to him.
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52150209.jpg 52150209.jpg

Dennis Rodman

And we obviously can't leave Dennis Rodman out of this gallery. That would be no fun. No caption really needed for this one.
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464699997.jpg 464699997.jpg

Chris Andersen

Chris “The Birdman” Andersen really scares me. I feel like only mentally insane person would do this to their body. Keep clicking to see his “body art” collection from the back.
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464273665.jpg 464273665.jpg

Chris Andersen2

His jersey even says Birdman and these tats just give me the chills.
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461406729.jpg 461406729.jpg

Andrei Kirilenko

Andrei Kirilenko. You might be thinking, what is this guy doing this gallery? Keep clicking to find out…
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ak47tattoo.jpg ak47tattoo.jpg

Andrei Kirilenko2

This Russian baller has a huge and nightmarish monster inked across his back. Just yuck.
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