For Her 43rd Birthday, 19 Pictures of Mariah Carey Caressing Her Glorious Mane

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Mariah-Carey-Birthday-Hair-Touching-Feature.jpg Mariah-Carey-Birthday-Hair-Touching-Feature.jpg

For Her 43rd Birthday, 19 Pictures of Mariah Carey Caressing Her Glorious Mane

Mariah Carey turns 43 today, and we have to ask: Is she real?

How can one person sing like that, look like that, glitter like that, and still find time to pop out a couple adorable twins with hubby Nick Cannon (who, by the way, seems totally great)? Oh, he also judges American Idol and is in the process of reestablishing her diva-tastic musical career.

Mariah was voted The Comeback Star of 2013 in our tournament last month, thanks in no small part to her evermore mighty fans, known as "Lambs." We have to hand it to her—she's a 43-year-old superstar, and she's somehow managed to age gracefully. She might very well be crazy, but she didn't go crazy.

What's her secret? We've got an idea. In gazing upon photos of Mariah (and, boy, did we ever gaze), we noticed her propensity for stroking her hair. Sorry, we mean "The Hair." Perhaps there's a secret life force she hold in her locks? We don't know about you, but starting now, our hands will be glued to ours.

Happy Birthday, Mariah!

—Samantha Martin

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Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-01.jpg Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-01.jpg

"Are we all good in the back?"
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Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-02.jpg Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-02.jpg

"Are we all good on the side?"
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Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-03.jpg Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-03.jpg

"Are we all good in the front?"
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Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-04.jpg Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-04.jpg

"Well then let's get this slideshow STARTED."
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Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-05.jpg Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-05.jpg

The other hand gets in on the fun.
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Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-06.jpg Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-06.jpg

These ends don't split.
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Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-07.jpg Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-07.jpg

Seriously, they don't.
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Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-08.jpg Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-08.jpg

She bangs! She bangs!
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Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-09.jpg Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-09.jpg

"Look! I can stretch my triceps while fluffing The Hair!"
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Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-10.jpg Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-10.jpg

"Look! I can stretch The Hair by working my triceps!"
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Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-11.jpg Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-11.jpg

"I love the feeling of a good late '90s crimp."
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Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-12.jpg Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-12.jpg

"I think there should be a Macy's float dedicated to The Hair, don't you?"
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Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-13.jpg Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-13.jpg

"Would that I could spend my days French braiding The Hair..."
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Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-14.jpg Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-14.jpg

The Hair should always be flanked in gold.
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Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-15.jpg Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-15.jpg

Flaunt the ring. Touch The Hair. #Multitasking.
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Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-16.jpg Mariah-Carey-Touching-Her-Hair-16.jpg

Don't cry, neck. I love you, too.
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Mariah-Carey-Birthday-Hair-Touching-01.jpg Mariah-Carey-Birthday-Hair-Touching-01.jpg

Gotta give some love to the side bangs.
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Mariah-Carey-Birthday-Hair-Touching-03.jpg Mariah-Carey-Birthday-Hair-Touching-03.jpg

...and a little more love, why not?
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Mariah-Carey-Birthday-Hair-Touching-02.jpg Mariah-Carey-Birthday-Hair-Touching-02.jpg

And many happy returns, Mimi! Keep touching The Hair—it's clearly working.
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