20 Pictures of Little Mix Being Awesome in a Big Way

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20 Pictures of Little Mix Being Awesome in a Big Way

When Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jade Thirlwall joined forces in 2011, the next great UK girl group was born. With their awesome cover of Damien Rice's "Cannonball," Little Mix was the obvious choice to don the season 8 UK X Factor crown.

Little Mix's debut US single "Wings" (which we're big fans of) is in this week's Pop-Off song battle, and the Mixers are already rocking the vote. So, we thought we'd make a little voting reward for the tenacious fan group. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE to Vote For Little Mix's "Wings" in this Week's Pop-Off Against The Saturdays!

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In Australia looking au-some.
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-02.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-02.jpg

Cute 'n Candid
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-03.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-03.jpg

We were thinking the same thing, Leigh-Anne's Shirt.
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-04.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-04.jpg

Halfway to Hammertime?
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-05.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-05.jpg

Ah, yes, the infamous MixMobile!
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-06.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-06.jpg

Each Mix chick gets one level. Very fair.
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-07.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-07.jpg

We wouldn't dream of demeaning them with a Blonde/Brunette/Redhead(s) joke.
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-08.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-08.jpg

Perrie's "O" vowel is enviable.
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-09.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-09.jpg

Lovely London Ladies. (#LLL, get it trending.)
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-10.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-10.jpg

Leigh-Anne and Jesy are straight-up Biffles.
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-11.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-11.jpg

We're happy to let the active girls sit for a spell.
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-12.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-12.jpg

Jesy's camo couldn't conceal her from her many adoring fans.
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-13.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-13.jpg

We may not know what to call this style, but we know what we like!
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-14.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-14.jpg

Jade is a master of the sentimental chest pat.
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-15.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-15.jpg

Would that we could hear this picture!
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-16.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-16.jpg

Never have men's work boots been employed so fiercely.
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-17.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-17.jpg

Leigh-Anne hits a high note and models bracelet. #Multitasking
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-18.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-18.jpg

Sothat's how they keep in such good shape...
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-19.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-19.jpg

Super cute, even when they don't know which camera to look at.
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Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-20.jpg Little-Mix-Pop-Off-Slideshow-20.jpg

Go out with a bang, right?

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