Katy Perry Did Not Dress Down for “Part of Me” Premiere Week

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Katy Perry Did Not Dress Down for "Part of Me" Premiere Week

We feel for you, Katy Perry. It must be a nightmare living in a pop-starlets-competing-for-the-most-zanily-bejeweled-tiara kind of world. But from KP's pop-witch Coachella look (inspired by the Fairuza Balk-starring '90s cult classic film, The Craft) to that infamous whipped-cream-spewing brassiere–which spawned many an unfortunate Halloween costume–the California Girl rarely plays it safe when it comes to fashion. The past week saw the 27-year-old working the jet-setting promotion circuit for her 3D docu-film, Part of Me, and her red carpet numbers were nothing short of, well, head-turningly Katy. Here, we rate the "Wide Awake" singer's designer duds over the 4th of July week, from worst–the questionable Marchesa ballerina tutu–to best (popcorn!). God Bless American Pop. – ALEX CATARINELLA
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Here, Perry switched up her signature smirking pin-up girl look for more of a Black-Swan-meets-Pretty-Pretty-Princess vibe. It's possible that she raided Taylor Swift's closet for this no-frills Marchesa-designed dress, which perhaps isn't a bad thing considering Swift's chart record. But how many red carpets has Marchesa infiltrated with its pricy, prom-like, flowing-feathered-trains just this year? We miss your wild wacky ways, Katy. The fit, the gilded criss-cross embellishments, and the open-toed Louboutins are all kinds of wrong, and that tutu needs a good fluffing. Then there's the unbeweavable bun, which is kinda cute, until our eyes reach her open-toed Louboutins... The horror! C'mon girl, follow through on the ballet motif! In other news, that super-sized plastic sundae chilling behind Perry looks kind of delicious.
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In true Katy Perry form, the “girls” were on display at Part of Me's Hollywood premiere. Perry traded in the DIY Daisy Dukes for a classic, Dita Von Teese-esque look, but, naturally, with eggplant-colored wavy locks. The blood-red velvet Dolce & Gabbana fits like a velvet glove and we wanna pet it. As for the red lips/red velvet dress/red velvet pumps combo? We'll pass. And, if you pull out the magnifying glass, you'll notice Katy's cuckoo nail art. But the real eye-catcher/chin-scratcher: Perry's crystal cake-slice clutch. To some, it may come across as something you might find on the sale rack alongside Hello Kitty Fanny Packs at your local Claire's. In actuality? It's designed by Judith Leiber and runs approximately $5,000.
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Alright, now we're sort of talking. Katy subtle-d it down with this tight n' nearly nude Versace bustier dress at the Sydney film premiere. Her sleek hair, minimal make-up and chiseled arms remain flaw-free. We also enjoy the gilded bejeweled crucifixes detail (can you imagine peeping in on that Skype call with her pastor parents?!) Perry played it safe in her Louboutin 'Just Picks' ankle-strap pumps, and we'd really appreciate it if she upgraded her shoe walk-in closet with a little Nicholas Kirkwood for Prabal Gurung. Well, Emma Stone and Olivia Munn are proud 'Just Picks' fans, so, there's that. Thumbs up-ish!
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It's no secret that Katy knows how to put on a show. And, as we've already overly enthusiastically observed, Katy lives for a extremely literal theme. Alas, during Perry's movie premiere performance at Grauman's Chinese Theater, she worked it in a movie reel bustier and a popcorn lined mini-skirt (!!!) Yes, seriously. It's quirky, it's colorful, it's memorable. In other words, it's our kind of pop star.
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Perry's Fleet Week head-turning look made many men-in-uniform's teenage dreams come true, and likely had Ginger Spice shivering in her iconic vintage Union Jack dress. Clad in, yup, a satin, Jeremy Scott-inspired American flag mini-dress, towering pumps and rocking a tight, hair-whipping frenzy of a pony tail, Perry was perfectly patriotic.
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