Re-Live Rihanna’s 777 Tour: Exclusive Photos From the Plane, on the Ground and in Concert

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Rihanna-777-London-Feature1.jpg Rihanna-777-London-Feature1.jpg

Re-Live Rihanna's 777 Tour: Exclusive Photos From the Plane, on the Ground and in Concert

Seven concerts in seven countries in seven days—Rihanna's 777 Tour is a whirlwind extravaganza, and Popdust is following along to document it all. Alongside writer Julieanne Smolinski, photographer Alexander Porter is taking in the chaos of the tour. Check out his best shots in this continuously updated slideshow!

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777-Tour-Mexico-City-01.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-01.jpg

Viva Mexico!

Getting ready to take off!
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-02.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-02.jpg

The Tricolor

The Mexican flag adorns all matter of materials on the tour.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-03.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-03.jpg

Tick Tick Tick

Assembled journalists practice their very important waiting skills.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-04.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-04.jpg

On the Runway

Waiting to take off for Mexico City.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-05.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-05.jpg

Great Penmanship

Rihanna greeted tour attendees with a "handwritten" note.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-06.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-06.jpg

Swag, Swag, Swag

That's one handsome travel pack!
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-07.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-07.jpg


That's some good typography.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-08.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-08.jpg

Creative Accessories

One tour attendee marks the occasion with some stylish airplane earrings.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-09.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-09.jpg

Did You Hear?

Even the headphones are branded.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-10.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-10.jpg


If you don't like Rihanna's face, this is not a good tour to be on.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-11.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-11.jpg

The Star of the Show

Rihanna makes her first appearance on board the 777 jet.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-12.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-12.jpg

"You're All Here for ME?"

Rihanna shows off her best Taylor Swift Surprised Face.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-13.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-13.jpg

Poppin' Bottles

The bubbly comes out, and not a moment too soon.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-14.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-14.jpg

Cheers (Drink to That)

Rihanna raises her glass.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-15.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-15.jpg

That Glamorous Rock Star Lifestyle

At times, a plane ride with Rihanna is just like any other plane ride.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-16.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-16.jpg

Alcohol for Everyone!

Flight attendants distribute the daily rations of cognac.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-18.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-18.jpg

Jealous Yet?

When it comes to in-flight cuisine, Rihanna doesn't mess around.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-17.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-17.jpg

Sneak Peek

Rihanna is everywhere on this tour.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-19.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-19.jpg


The common marks of a very important person.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-20.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-20.jpg

In Case You Forgot...

One tour attendee shows off a homemade sign .
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-21.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-21.jpg

El Dinero

Counting up the pesos.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-22.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-22.jpg

Blogging Is Hard Work

Popdust writer Boobs Radley—sorry, Julieanne Smolinski—reports from the scene.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-23.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-23.jpg


The exciting view on the ground in Mexico City.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-24.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-24.jpg

Lining Up

Mexican members of the Rihanna Navy anxiously away the pop star's arrival.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-25.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-25.jpg

Jamming on the Accordion

Do you think she knows "We Found Love"?
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-26.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-26.jpg

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Rihanna welcomes her Mexico City audience.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-27.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-27.jpg

Sticks and Stone May Break Her Bones, But Leather Getups Excite Her

For Rihanna, this is actually a conservative outfit.
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777-Tour-Mexico-City-28.jpg 777-Tour-Mexico-City-28.jpg

Hands in the Air

Rihanna entrances the crowd in Mexico City.
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Rihanna-777-Toronto-01.jpg Rihanna-777-Toronto-01.jpg

Umbrella, Eh?

Rihanna takes the stage in Toronto for an intimate performance up north.
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Rihanna-777-Toronto-02.jpg Rihanna-777-Toronto-02.jpg

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Rihanna, lit up like the crown jewels, in Toronto.
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Rihanna-777-Toronto-03.jpg Rihanna-777-Toronto-03.jpg

Turn It Down

The intimate setting proves a special treat for Rihanna's Canadian fans.
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Rihanna-777-Toronto-04.jpg Rihanna-777-Toronto-04.jpg

Canadian Shakin'

Your favorite pop star, in the light.
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Rihanna-777-Toronto-05.jpg Rihanna-777-Toronto-05.jpg

I Can't Hear You!

Rihanna wraps up the Toronto leg of her 777 Tour.
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Rihanna-777-Paris-01.jpg Rihanna-777-Paris-01.jpg

Now We Out in Paris, Yeah I'm Perriering

The Rihanna Plane begins its long journey to Paris.
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Rihanna-777-Paris-02.jpg Rihanna-777-Paris-02.jpg


A Rihanna superfan in Paris, and he's going gorillas.
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Rihanna-777-Paris-03.jpg Rihanna-777-Paris-03.jpg

Let's Go Crazy

The crowd goes wild for Rihanna in Paris.
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Rihanna-777-Paris-04.jpg Rihanna-777-Paris-04.jpg

Blue Diamonds in the Light

A kaleidoscope of lights at Rihanna's Paris show.
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Rihanna-777-Paris-05.jpg Rihanna-777-Paris-05.jpg

Airport Swag

Popdust writer Julieanne Smolinski's life is beginning to resemble George Clooney's in Up in the Air.
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Rihanna-777-Paris-06.jpg Rihanna-777-Paris-06.jpg

Every Reporter's Best Friend

Alcohol: The only cure for 777 Tour madness.
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Rihanna-777-Stockholm-01.jpg Rihanna-777-Stockholm-01.jpg

We're Just Sweden Through This Tour, Aren't We?

Rihanna performs in Stockholm, the fourth stop of the whirlwind 777 Tour.
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Rihanna-777-Stockholm-02.jpg Rihanna-777-Stockholm-02.jpg

Courtesy of the Yellow and Blue

In case the assembled journalists and fans were confused about which country they were in...
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Rihanna-777-Stockholm-03.jpg Rihanna-777-Stockholm-03.jpg

Peace? Victory? Two?

Fans put their hands up for Rihanna in Stockholm.
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Rihanna-777-Stockholm-04.jpg Rihanna-777-Stockholm-04.jpg

Crowd Full of Swedes

Rihanna fans enjoy the show in Stockholm.
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Rihanna-777-Stockholm-05.jpg Rihanna-777-Stockholm-05.jpg


Even the Very Important People find themselves entranced by Rihanna's sweet grooves.
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Rihanna-777-Stockholm-06.jpg Rihanna-777-Stockholm-06.jpg

Look, It's Rihanna!

The woman of the week, seen through a rush of cameras.
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Rihanna-777-Stockholm-07.jpg Rihanna-777-Stockholm-07.jpg

In Sweden, Do the Cool Kids Still Sit at the Back of the Bus?

Plane. Airport. Bus. Show. Repeat. The rock-star life can be exhausting.
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Rihanna-777-Stockholm-08.jpg Rihanna-777-Stockholm-08.jpg

Work It

These tour attendees are looking good, for spending five days on a plane.
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Rihanna-777-Stockholm-09.jpg Rihanna-777-Stockholm-09.jpg

Northern (Runway) Lights

The tour attendees huddle through yet another airport shuttle ride.
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Rihanna-777-Stockholm-10.jpg Rihanna-777-Stockholm-10.jpg

Safety First

In the grip of 777 Tour madness, some journalists begin looking for a way out.
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Rihanna-777-Stockholm-11.jpg Rihanna-777-Stockholm-11.jpg

My Kingdom for a Salad

As the tour goes on, food rations take a turn for the minimalist.
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Rihanna-777-Berlin-01.jpg Rihanna-777-Berlin-01.jpg

Huddle for Warmth

Journalists relish a few moments of community before Rihanna's Berlin concert.
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Rihanna-777-Berlin-02.jpg Rihanna-777-Berlin-02.jpg

I Am A Jelly Donut

Even John F. Kennedy would say "Ich bin ein Berliner" to these donuts!
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Rihanna-777-Berlin-03.jpg Rihanna-777-Berlin-03.jpg

Thousand-Yard Stare

This is what the Internet does to you, kids.
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Rihanna-777-Berlin-04.jpg Rihanna-777-Berlin-04.jpg

Hallo Aus Berlin!

The mean streets of the German capital.
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Rihanna-777-Berlin-05.jpg Rihanna-777-Berlin-05.jpg

Gotta Get That Merch

You can now wear a shirt of Rihanna not wearing a shirt. Jeff Goldblum would be amused.
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Rihanna-777-Berlin-06.jpg Rihanna-777-Berlin-06.jpg

The Crowd Goes Mild

A subdued audience at Rihanna's Berlin show.
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Rihanna-777-Berlin-07.jpg Rihanna-777-Berlin-07.jpg

Screen Addiction

This image should be accompanying one of those New York Times op-eds about how technology is making us disconnected from each other.
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Rihanna-777-Berlin-08.jpg Rihanna-777-Berlin-08.jpg

Sing It to the World

In Berlin, Rihanna belts.
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Rihanna-777-London-01.jpg Rihanna-777-London-01.jpg

Oi, Guvna!

On to London, where the prospect of adorable dancing children fails to entrance the 777 Tour attendees.
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Rihanna-777-London-02.jpg Rihanna-777-London-02.jpg

Get a Load of That Nose

The Rihanna plane, up close.
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Rihanna-777-London-03.jpg Rihanna-777-London-03.jpg

Plane Party!

The 777 Tour attendees stave off madness with lots and lots of alcohol.
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Rihanna-777-London-04.jpg Rihanna-777-London-04.jpg

No Nonsense

Even the flight attendants have lost their early-tour glee.
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Rihanna-777-London-05.jpg Rihanna-777-London-05.jpg

Always Working

As one of London's most famous creations once said, "Words, words, words."
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Rihanna-777-London-06.jpg Rihanna-777-London-06.jpg

Airborne Madness

The chaotic scene about the Rihanna plane as it makes its way from Berlin to London.
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Rihanna-777-London-07.jpg Rihanna-777-London-07.jpg

A Rush of Press

Rihanna has not been seen on the plane in days, leading to rumors that she is not actually on board.
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Rihanna-777-London-08.jpg Rihanna-777-London-08.jpg

The Thick of It

Photographer Alex Porter (left) and writer Julieanne Smolinski (right) are seen during the madness of the London flight.
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Rihanna-777-London-011.jpg Rihanna-777-London-011.jpg

London Calling

The venue is packed as Rihanna takes the stage in London.
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Rihanna-777-London-Feature1.jpg Rihanna-777-London-Feature1.jpg

Reaching Out

Rihanna gets up close and personal.
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Rihanna-777-London-Feature2.jpg Rihanna-777-London-Feature2.jpg

One Direction, Who?

British teenagers go mad for RihRih.
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Rihanna-777-London-021.jpg Rihanna-777-London-021.jpg

Black and White

Ms Fenty puts her palms up to the universe.
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Rihanna-777-London-031.jpg Rihanna-777-London-031.jpg

Cockneys Jockeying

The crowd attempts to get closer to the Barbadian pop star.
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Rihanna-777-London-041.jpg Rihanna-777-London-041.jpg

Only Girl in the World

Rihanna, alone on stage in London.
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Rihanna-777-New-York-01.jpg Rihanna-777-New-York-01.jpg

The Final Journey

Back on the plane for the last flight of the tour, journalists finally get the sleep they desired.
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Rihanna-777-New-York-02.jpg Rihanna-777-New-York-02.jpg


The formerly-naked Australian radio DJ sleeps, clothed.
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Rihanna-777-New-York-03.jpg Rihanna-777-New-York-03.jpg


One dogged journalist keeps typing, even through sleep.
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Rihanna-777-New-York-04.jpg Rihanna-777-New-York-04.jpg

Free at Last

The Rihanna 150 land in Newark, New Jersey.
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Rihanna-777-New-York-05.jpg Rihanna-777-New-York-05.jpg

Says It All

Tour attendees making up for lost time.
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Rihanna-777-New-York-06.jpg Rihanna-777-New-York-06.jpg


We can only imagine how jet-lagged the Rihanna 150 are.
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Rihanna-777-New-York-City-01.jpg Rihanna-777-New-York-City-01.jpg

Stars and Stripes Forever

US fans await the final concert of Rihanna's tour.
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Rihanna-777-New-York-City-02.jpg Rihanna-777-New-York-City-02.jpg

Heavenly Light

Even God is smiling down on the end of the 777 Tour.
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Rihanna-777-New-York-City-03.jpg Rihanna-777-New-York-City-03.jpg


Rihanna chose some fancy footwear for her final concert.
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Rihanna-777-New-York-City-04.jpg Rihanna-777-New-York-City-04.jpg

Yellow WHATS in the Light?

Finally, she broke out the yellow lights.
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Rihanna-777-New-York-City-05.jpg Rihanna-777-New-York-City-05.jpg

Sing It, Girl

Rihanna sings it to the world.
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Rihanna-777-New-York-City-Feature.jpg Rihanna-777-New-York-City-Feature.jpg

That's All, Folks!

And with that, the 777 Tour was over. Read Julieanne's final wrap-up of the experience here!
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