24 Photos of Celebs Making Heart Symbols With Their Hands

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24 Photos of Celebs Making Heart Symbols With Their Hands

History's greatest gift to mothers was the introduction of a hand sign that doesn't signify an affiliation with a gang. Well, maybe a Love Gang, if such a gang exists. Or Kool and the Gang. Regardless, nary a Taylor Swift concert goes by without hands meeting hands to form a sea of heart hands.

Although this gesture certainly existed before the innovation of the camera, we've sifted through the masses and assembled what we believe to be the consummate collection of pop culture heart hand offenses. What better way to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day? Additionally, love haters will get the eye-rolling ammunition they seek.

This slideshow is best enjoyed when set to  West Side Story's "One Hand, One Heart."

—Samantha Martin

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Hand-Heart-One-Direction.jpg Hand-Heart-One-Direction.jpg

One Direction

One could argue he's miming the consumption of a cheeseburger, but Zayn's flare for the heart hand renders that claim null.
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Hand-Heart-Austin-Mahone.jpg Hand-Heart-Austin-Mahone.jpg

Austin Mahone

Extra credit to Mr. Mahone for the ;-).
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Hand-Heart-Kat-Von-D-Jesse-James.jpg Hand-Heart-Kat-Von-D-Jesse-James.jpg

Jesse James and Kat Von D

You're not official until you've successfully pulled off the couples' heart hand.
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Hand-Heart-Selena-Gomez.jpg Hand-Heart-Selena-Gomez.jpg

Selena Gomez

The heart hand provides a beautiful frame for selfies.
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Hand-Heart-Britney-Spears.jpg Hand-Heart-Britney-Spears.jpg

Britney Spears

FACT: The heart hand serves as protection from Womanizers.

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Hand-Heart-Taylor-Swift-Steven-Tyler.jpg Hand-Heart-Taylor-Swift-Steven-Tyler.jpg

Steven Tyler and Taylor Swift

This picture taken moments before Taylor Swift boiled her thumb and pointer finger.
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Hand-Heart-Ellen-Degeneres.jpg Hand-Heart-Ellen-Degeneres.jpg

Ellen DeGeneres

Very generous of DeGeneres.
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Hand-Heart-Kim-Kardashian.jpg Hand-Heart-Kim-Kardashian.jpg

Kim Kardashian

Not pictured: Kimye fetus also heart handing.
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NickiMinajHandHeartSymbol.jpg NickiMinajHandHeartSymbol.jpg

Nicki Minaj

Not pictured: Roman also heart handing.
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93173694_10.jpg 93173694_10.jpg

Justin Bieber

Hands so tiny. But, oh, so hearty.
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3C86D943102396B015F00E.jpg 3C86D943102396B015F00E.jpg

Demi Lovato

"I'm also a cry for help." —Demi's heart hand
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INFphoto_754790.jpg INFphoto_754790.jpg

Blake Lively

XOXO, Heart Hand Girl
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rexusa_520557m.jpg rexusa_520557m.jpg

Katy Perry

This is, by the way, the official heart-handing uniform.
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taylor-swift-and-selena-gomez-heart.jpg taylor-swift-and-selena-gomez-heart.jpg

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez

Taylor sure gets around in the doubles Heart Hand department...

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victoriasSecret.jpg victoriasSecret.jpg

Victoria's Secret Models

Guinness Record holder for hottest heart hand ever.
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51351907-339x430.jpg 51351907-339x430.jpg

Wynonna Judd

The ultra-rare down-low hand heart.
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75621342_10-547x430.jpg 75621342_10-547x430.jpg

Brazilian Decathelete Carlos Chinin

Heart Handing is the unofficial final leg of decathlons.
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rexusa_638937a-305x430.jpg rexusa_638937a-305x430.jpg

Jennie Garth

What I Like About You...is that you know how to heart hand.
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wenn2728226-589x394.jpg wenn2728226-589x394.jpg

Channing Tatum

Sexiest Hand Heart Alive
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usherheart.jpg usherheart.jpg


Ursher got the hands to make your heart go...
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janetJackson.jpg janetJackson.jpg

Janet Jackson

This Heart Hand is all for you. Yes, you. Congrats.
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INFphoto_1525324-338x430.jpg INFphoto_1525324-338x430.jpg

Kylie Minogue

Can't get you out of heart hand...
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rexusa_404073cb-589x394.jpg rexusa_404073cb-589x394.jpg

Jordin Sparks

Anyone else see sparks?
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spl229877_015-589x394.jpg spl229877_015-589x394.jpg

Victoria Justice

...With Liberty and Justice and Heart Hands For All.
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