19 Famous People Who Look Funny with Harry Styles Hair

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19 Famous People Who Look Funny with Harry Styles Hair

For a boy band member with such an incredibly influential coif, there is no better pop star name than Harry Styles. While the One Direction cutie is much more than a giant ball of hair—he sings!—we've become so enamored with his growing mane and manic head-shakes, we went through the trouble of imagining some of our other musical favorites wearing the now-famous Styles Swoop. Click through for our full look book and feel free to try it out for yourself.
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harry-hair-simon-cowell.jpg harry-hair-simon-cowell.jpg

Simon Cowell

The added volume allows for more room to hide the secret to creating a successful boy band, and his quest for eternal youth.
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harry-hair-lana-del-rey.jpg harry-hair-lana-del-rey.jpg

Lana Del Rey

In due time, the next phase of Lizzy Grant's controversial career will include an unironic homage to British boy bands.
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harry-hair-katy-perry.jpg harry-hair-katy-perry.jpg

Katy Perry

After the boys shouted her out in "Up All Night," the least Katy Perry can do is try Harry's hair on for size.
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harry-hair-drake.jpg harry-hair-drake.jpg


Well if you're going to cry about it...
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harry-hair-max-george-wanted.jpg harry-hair-max-george-wanted.jpg

Max George of The Wanted

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
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hairy-harry-adele.jpg hairy-harry-adele.jpg


Fresh off her Grammy-winning smash 21, her upcoming album tells the heartbreaking tale of coming to terms with a bad haircut.
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hairy-harry-minaj.jpg hairy-harry-minaj.jpg

Nicki Minaj

"Underneath my wigs, there's an endless story."
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hairy-harry-kanye.jpg hairy-harry-kanye.jpg

Kanye West

"Tell PETA this hair is clogging up my pores"
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chris-brown-styles.jpg chris-brown-styles.jpg

Chris Brown

We know, and we agree. But you should probably tweet about this at your own risk.
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lilwayne-harry.jpg lilwayne-harry.jpg

Lil Wayne

He's experimented with everything else, and there's no way this is worse than some of the tracks on Rebirth.
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harry-deadmau5.jpg harry-deadmau5.jpg


"What? Sometimes my ears get cold!"
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axl-rose-harry.jpg axl-rose-harry.jpg

Axl Rose

"I just didn't want to show up to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame looking like this, all right?"
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bon-iver-harry-styles.jpg bon-iver-harry-styles.jpg

Justin Vernon

Best New Artist or not, this is actually a good recommendation. Premature baldness happens to the best of them!
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steven-tyler-harry.jpg steven-tyler-harry.jpg

Steven Tyler

This, alas, is not. Uncle Stevie just got creepier.
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bruce-harry.jpg bruce-harry.jpg

Bruce Springsteen

Every Jersey guy goes through a toupee phase. Why go against nature?
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tony-bennett-harry.jpg tony-bennett-harry.jpg

Tony Bennett

Whatever it takes to make you feel younger, TBone.
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skrillex-harry.jpg skrillex-harry.jpg


Is this the Sonny Moore that Ellie Goulding fell in love with?
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jack-white-harry-hair.jpg jack-white-harry-hair.jpg

Jack White

New album, new hairstyle. You know the drill.
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grohl-harry.jpg grohl-harry.jpg

Dave Grohl

If this isn't a sign that rock is dead, we don't know what is.
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