Grammy Fashion: A Pope Walks Into An Award Show And…

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Grammy Fashion: A Pope Walks Into An Award Show And...

In a sartorial sense, the Grammy Awards fall somewhere between the Oscars and the MTV Video Music Awards. Expect lush gowns from female acts hoping to be taken seriously, as well as much more casual attire from those who have taken a stand against the idea of formal wear, or simply don't own a tux. Last night's award show had no shortage of strange fashion choices, with Rent-a-Popes being the most surprising accessory of choice. Awards are handed out each year, but horrible photos can live forever. Read on for our most memorable outfits of the night.
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Rihanna may not have won you over during her performance with Coldplay, but she proved how to make showing up to a big award show (where she'd likely still face questions about a certain something three years after the fact) look completely effortless and totally sexy. The Scarface shout-out on the red carpet didn't hurt either.
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The first of two black gowns worn at the show, this sparkly arrival number and surprisingly thin, blonde bob set the tone for a night where the singer would endearingly unravel into a shrieking, snotty mess in front of 50,00 people. And we wouldn't have had it any other way.

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Rick Ross

Out of respect for music's biggest night, Rozay found a way to put on a shirt—and one that looked like a candy label at that.
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Taylor Swift

Stepping further and further away from the signature curls, T-Swift debuted a form-fitting gown and—gasp—an updo. We're as surprised as she aims to be whenever someone reads her name aloud.
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Jessie J

Stop trying to make Jessie J happen! She's not going to happen! A dress like that is a nice try, though.
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Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz

Beyoncé and Jay-Z weren't in attendance, so we guess this'll have to do.
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Bruno Mars

Rich asses should get up and dance and purchase three-piece suits like this one.
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We're you expected neon-colored leggings? So were we.
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Adam Levine

Although sometimes the best distraction from a near wardrobe malfunction is a well-dressed male.
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Cyndi Lauper

Slits, slits everywhere, and not an up-skirt photo in sight—that we know of.
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Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose

First up in our series of male stars trumped by the height-defying slits of their girlfriends.
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Bon Iver

One quick bite to eat, then he's headed back to the English department to grade some papers.
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Lady Gaga

Whether it served to mourn Whitney Houston or restrict her facial expressions knowing she'd be losing every category to Adele, that black veil stayed in place all night.
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Katy Perry

Oh, Katy. That's not how you make an ex—who's likely sitting at home watching—jealous. See your pal Rihanna for further instruction.
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At least she's wearing underwear!
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Sasha Gadvina

A not-so-subtle "For Your Consideration...or else" ad if we ever saw one.
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Nicki Minaj

Say what you want, fashion lords. Nicki has the Pope on her side.
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Mickey managed to dress down for the night's festivities.
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David Guetta

True to form, European club dwellers are always about two years behind when it comes to fashion.
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Sophia Grace & Rosie

But princesses are as timeless as they come.
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