17 Artists Demonstrate How to Pose with a Flock of Grammys

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Armful-Of-Grammys-Feature.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-Feature.jpg

17 Artists Demonstrate How to Pose with a Flock of Grammys

With the Grammys right around the corner, let's take a look at what we know: We know who's going to be there—from Frank Ocean to Maroon 5. We know who's not going to be there—from Bieber to sideboob.

There's only one element we're unsure of (aside from who will, in fact, win): Will winners of multiple Grammys be able to successfully pose with all of them at once?

This slideshow is a guide to best practices with regards to proper Grammy wielding. Are you nominated for more than six Grammys? If so, we apologize, you're on your own.

We'll start with an example of what could happen if you're not careful...


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Armful-Of-Grammys-Taylor-Swift-01.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-Taylor-Swift-01.jpg

Taylor Swift

We refuse to make a joke about Taylor's ability to hold onto things...
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Armful-Of-Grammys-Taylor-Swift-02.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-Taylor-Swift-02.jpg

Taylor Swift

Taylor knew that one was trouble.
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Armful-Of-Grammys-Santana.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-Santana.jpg

Carlos Santana

Santana's Grammy juggling is a bit more smooth.
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Armful-Of-Grammys-Outkast.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-Outkast.jpg


Not such outcasts that night.
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Armful-Of-Grammys-Norah-Jones-01.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-Norah-Jones-01.jpg

Norah Jones

Should this whole music thing not work out, Norah could definitely make it as a waitress.
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Armful-Of-Grammys-Mary-J-Blige.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-Mary-J-Blige.jpg

Mary J. Blige

The J stands for "Jeez you're good at winning Grammys."
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Armful-Of-Grammys-Lauryn-Hill.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-Lauryn-Hill.jpg

Lauryn Hill

Thanks for going solo this year, Lauryn! Please accept these five Grammys as a token of our affection.
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Armful-Of-Grammys-Kanye-West.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-Kanye-West.jpg

Kanye West

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Armful-Of-Grammys-John-Mayer.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-John-Mayer.jpg

John Mayer

15-year-old Taylor Swift felt a sudden chill...

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Armful-Of-Grammys-John-Legend.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-John-Legend.jpg

John Legend

John Legend is officially not ordinary people.
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Armful-Of-Grammys-Eric-Clapton.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-Eric-Clapton.jpg

Eric Clapton

People couldn't help but CLAP when he won a TON. (Hold for huge laughs.)
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Armful-Of-Grammys-Civil-Wars.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-Civil-Wars.jpg

Civil Wars

Two Grammys must have provided the duo a sense of peace.
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Armful-Of-Grammys-Bono.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-Bono.jpg


"Hey...Not much, you?...Oh, yeah...Three..."
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Armful-Of-Grammys-Beyonce.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-Beyonce.jpg


In case you had any doubt who ran the world.
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Armful-Of-Grammys-Alison-Krauss.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-Alison-Krauss.jpg

Alison Krauss

O Grammys, Where Art Thou? O, you're right here. Phew!
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Armful-Of-Grammys-Alicia-Keys.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-Alicia-Keys.jpg

Alicia Keys

This girl is/was on fire.
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Armful-Of-Grammys-Adele.jpg Armful-Of-Grammys-Adele.jpg


Practicing for the weight of her future spawn, no doubt.
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