17 Pop Stars in Love With One Weird Thing

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17 Pop Stars in Love With One Weird Thing

There are many different kind of love. Parent-child love, best-friends-4ever love and of course, romantic love, which has its own separate cornucopia of permutations. The love that these artists feel, though, is a little different: The things they love can't love them back. Because they are things. But hey, we're not here to judge: Whatever gets you through those lonely nights!

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2 Chainz

Tity Boi loved his two chains so much he decided to rename himself after them.
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Austin Mahone

It's puppy love between this teen YouTube sensation and his army of flat-brimmed caps. He's way too young to settle down with just one!
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Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Best-Coast.jpg Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Best-Coast.jpg

Best Coast

Bethany Cosentino might say she just loves the idea of Los Angeles, but we know that deep down inside she really loves the physical city itself. Aw yeah, man, check out those sexy freeways...
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Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Cody-Simpson.jpg Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Cody-Simpson.jpg

Cody Simpson

Hey Cody, if you love the ocean so much, why don't you marry—oh right. Sorry, we've just been informed that Cody Simpson is legally married to the ocean. (Australia has some weird legislative loopholes.) This picture is actually his wedding portrait. Our apologies, and also—Congratulations!
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Once upon a time, there was a boy named Aubrey. Looking in the mirror one day, Aubrey had a sudden revelation. "I love you, hair," Aubrey said to his hair. "I bet if you grew, my love for you would grow too." And so the beautiful romance between Drake and his ever-increasing 'fro was born.
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Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Frank-Ocean.jpg Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Frank-Ocean.jpg

Frank Ocean

It's a bad religion, this unrequited love between an R&B prodigy and his headband.

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Justin Bieber

They say that money can't buy love. But Justin Bieber used money to buy his Chrome Fisker Karma, so who's laughing now, people?
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Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Kanye-West.jpg Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Kanye-West.jpg

Kanye West

Only those closest to Kanye West can truly know his inner pain. In that sense, the bizarre Abominable Snowman mask he's been wearing recently knows him best of all.
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Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey may sing a lot of songs about the tatted-up bad boys who break her heart, but that's only because she knows we're not ready for songs about her true love: The American flag.
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Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Lil-Wayne.jpg Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Lil-Wayne.jpg

Lil Wayne

We're not saying that Lil Wayne would ever s*** a n***** d*** for some Trukfit, but the man certainly enjoys showing off his latest intimate arm candy. (Butt candy?)
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Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Macklemore.jpg Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Macklemore.jpg


Is a thrift shop a hopeless place? We dunno (some are, probably!) but regardless, that's where Macklemore found love with this Batman onesie.

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Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Nicki-Minaj.jpg Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Nicki-Minaj.jpg

Nicki Minaj

Call her Abigail Powers, because Nicki Minaj is the First Lady of this Whig Party.
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Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Pitbull.jpg Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Pitbull.jpg


Have you ever seen Pitbull in public without his sunglasses? That's one intense, possibly codependent relationship right there.
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Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Rick-Ross.jpg Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Rick-Ross.jpg

Rick Ross

Rick Ross is lucky. Not only does he have two Valentines, but he gets to see them every time he takes his shirt off and looks in the mirror.
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Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Rihanna.jpg Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Rihanna.jpg


As couples are wont to do, Rihanna will often share an adoring glance with the love of her life.
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Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Selena-Gomez.jpg Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Selena-Gomez.jpg

Selena Gomez

"Say Bikini, you and me have been going out for a little while now, and it feels like things are slowly getting more serious. I know I just got out of a long-term relationship, and I told you already I wasn't looking for anything, but now I've just I've just to say, I'm really into you. I know this might seem a little early or clingy or whatever, but how do you feel about being exclusive? I don't want to wear any other outfits but you right now."
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Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Taylor-Swift.jpg Things-Pop-Stars-Love-Taylor-Swift.jpg

Taylor Swift

One lonely Saturday afternoon, Taylor Swift was finally read to open her closet—that closet—again. She had buried the memories of that afternoon so far deep inside for so long, and now it was time to let them out. But when she let out a tentative hand, and slowly exposed the closet's contents to the Tennessee sunlight, Taylor found that, to her astonishment, she was overcome not by grief, or shame, or even regret. No, instead she felt only a small wave of heartwarming relief, as if she was seeing old friends again. "Oh, fox sweater!" she creid. "I knew you would still be there for me!"
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