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Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj blew out 29 candles yesterday, having collected two BET Hip Hop Awards, two American Music Awards, a Billboard's Rising Star Award, and four Grammy nods since blowing out 28.  This was a year of crazy outfits, crazy eyes, and crazy success for the Trinidadian bundle of crazy.  Here we've assembled a Minaj-erie of photos depicting 2011's most memorable Minaj moments.  Don't you want to see how a year looks through the (crazy) eyes of a Harajuku Barbie?
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Jan. 27: "Moment 4 Life" Video Released

If aliens landed on earth with but one question - "What is a Nicki Minaj?" - we would present this.  "Moment 4 Life" perfectly captures all of the parts of the sum total that is Nicki Minaj - the alter egos, the accents and voices, the crazy eyes, the colorful wigs, and even the allusions to marrying Drake - and reflects her own Cinderella story with regards to the biz.  Bring it, aliens.
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Jan. 29: Creeping on SNL

Nicki dons a schoolgirl outfit (proven a wise early career move) and latches onto the viral success of "The Lonely Island" (also not a bad career move) in "The Creep."  Besides her schoolgirl-cum-stalker stint, she also played the big-bootied bride of Keenan Thompson's Black Frankenstein.  A rare success case of an SNL musical guest stretched to sketch.
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June 16: Tour du Forced Lapdances

After Enrique Iglesias pulled out of Britney Spears' Femme Fatale Tour (reportedly because he felt he was above the whole opening act thing), Britney officially stated, "I'm thrilled to have the hot Nicki Minaj join me."  If Drizzy's lap could talk, it would likely agree with Brit's choice of adjective.
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April 25: Makes End Of World Plans

Along with Ke$ha, Nicki lent her voice(s) to the remix of Britney's"Til The World Ends."  To quote us, "Nicki's verse would have been far better-suited for the remix's dubstep bridge than its intro."  Couldn't have said it better ourselves.  A classic case of misused Minaj, but guesting on a Britney Spears track never hurt nobody.
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May 3: A Moment Of Calm On DWTS

While sporting a green bob might not scream "tame" for most of us, for Nicki, it represented a moment of restraint.  She performed "Moment 4 Life," sans lapdances, sans Drake, sans crazy eyes.  Okay, maybe a little crazy eyes.
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May 5: Super Bass Is Super Duper

Nicki is 100% Harajuku Barbie in this very girly, very wiggy, very pink video.  It's the kind of song where you can along the second time you hear the chorus and, if you're a little girl in a princess dress who decides to sing it on YouTube, you just might go viral.  But, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
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June 27: The Jamaican Nation v. Nicki Minaj

The Jamaican authorities weren't about to let Minaj get away with all that potty mouthing and sexy dancing, so they issued her a fine of $11.70 to silence her antics for good.  The moral of the story - Getting in trouble with the Jamaican PD for lewd behavior in front of thousands of people is a cheaper activity than, say, seeing a movie in NYC.
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Aug. 10: Third Place for "Bass"

"Super Bass" became the 3d highest-charting solo female rap song behind Lauryn Hill's "Doo Wop (That Thing)" and Missy Elliott's "Work It."  And with that news, Minaj fully recovered from her pricy run-in with the Jamaican feds.
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August 28: A V.M.A. W.T.F.

If a rave, an anime convention, and a slumber party all vomited on Nicki Minaj, her VMAs dress would have still needed some finishing touches.  This outfit was manufactured to outshine whatever Gaga happened to strap on that night.  And to avoid SARS.
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Oct 11: A "Super" Surprise

In case your view isn't one (or more) of 24,963,870 views (as of 12/07/11) on YouTube, we present two British sisters in princess dresses, Sophia Grace and Rosie Brownlee, covering Nicki's "Super Bass."  Naturally, because Ellen took the "Making Dreams Come True on TV" torch from Oprah, the girls were invited to the set quicker than you could say, "Boom buh-doom."  Little did they know Nicki would be surprising them, wigging them, singing with them, and reminding them to "put books first and singing second."  CAUTION: Turn your volume down unless your ears are accustomed to little girl shrieks…
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Nov. 1: Big Sean's "Dance (A$$)" feat. Nicki & Nicki's A$$

The way Nicki's ass wobble-dee-wobble-wobbles in her UK flag short shorts was sure to raise a few,  as were such rhymes as "famous" and "anus" (not just from the Anti Slant Rhyme Society).  She may have set feminist movement back a few paces, but it's pretty easy to ignore the cra$$ in awe of the a$$.
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Nov. 8: Meet Roman Zolanski

Nicki's alter ego Roman Zolanski came out to play at the Versace for H&M launch gave us something to be thankful for in November.  "He has two more weeks in boarding school," she says of Roman, "We're going to pick him up now."  Now that is some fine Stanislavskian character building.
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Nov. 28: A Lil Homage To Lil Wayne

Chances are your boss doesn't want to see your impersonation of him.  Then again, chances are your boss doesn't feature you in his hip-hop vids.  In the case of Nicki in "Y.U. Mad," her Lil Wayne is too staggeringly, swaggeringly, pants-saggingly accurate to censor.
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March 18: Do's and Dil-dont's

While on stage during the "I Am Still Music" tour, Nicki whipped out and played with a sexual apparatus.  We took the liberty of inserting a lightning bolt for your virgin eyes.  Welcome!
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Aug 5: Finger Lickin' Weird

Nicki digs into a turkey leg during a performance on ABC's "Good Morning America."  'Cuz that's what a mothaf*ckin monstah do (we assume)!
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Aug 18: Barbie and Britney are Backstage Blondies

Who is blonder?  Who is crazier?  Ah, the many mysteries of the Femme Fatale Tour.
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Sept. 1: Kitschy in the Kitchen

Nicki refrigerates herself during a Glamour Magazine shoot.  Huh.  We could have sworn she was nonperishable...
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Sept. 12: Autumn With Wintour

Nikki was seen chillin' with the villain herself, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, during fashion week.  We wonder what Ms. Wintour's thoughts were on Nicki's "Kindergarten Art Class Chic."
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Nov. 8: H&M&Donatella&Nicki

Two rare birds, the Donatellicus Versacii and the Nickius Minajicus pictured in their natural habitat - a fashion show.
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