American Music Awards 2011

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American Music Awards 2011

Sunday's American Music Awards gave some of Popdust's favorite performers the chance to promote their latest singles for the crowd just before the holiday break, and in the case of big winner Taylor Swift, ample opportunities to practice her surprised face. Click through to see Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez play dress up, Kelly Clarkson get a jazz band makeover, as well as beloved viral stars walking the red carpet—"Super Bass" princesses!—and seasoned performers collaborating on stage.
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Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez

Who needs silly awards when you can have a televised date night? Make way for Prom King and Queen!
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"Super Bass" Princesses

Rapping Brits Sophia Grace Brownlee and her cousin Rosie walk the red carpet. It's true: Ellen DeGeneres makes everyone's life better.
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Justin Bieber

"Are you sure Christmas is coming?"
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Nicki Minaj

Um, Mr. Guetta? We know you turned Nicki on, but did you maybe forget to oil her, too?
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Chris Brown

Breezy takes us through "All Back," also known as "The Ballad of a Misunderstood Twitter Target," sung in B-flat.
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Jennifer Lopez And Pitbull

Not even J. Lo's backside can disrupt Pitbull's focus on such a big stage.
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Katy Perry

Judy Jetson or Judy Tenuta? The choice is yours.
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Christina Aguilera

"You might know my work from NBC's The Voice..."
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Drake has something in his eye, as usual.
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Kelly Clarkson

"The big band thing worked for Xtina, right?"
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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift really, really, really can't believe she won three CMA, er, American...wait, what are these called again? We're losing track.
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Nicki Minaj

The Favorite Hip-Hop Artist winner gives her next music video look a test run backstage. Watch your eyes.
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Justin Bieber And LMFAO

The Bieb continues his fashion evolution by shuffling across the stage in Redfoo and Skyblu's signature zebra-print. Because he can.
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Selena Gomez And Taylor Swift

Even with the help of 3-D eyewear, Taylor Swift still can't believe she won.
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