Maura Johnston
justin bieber

Justin Bieber is the latest pop star to show off his serious side by obscuring his face with big, clunky glasses. Who else has worn specs that set off our nerd alert?

Justin Bieber and a cowbell.

While dining out in Cape Town earlier this week, Justin Bieber was so inspired by a groove that he hopped on stage and jammed out with the local musicians providing his dinner’s entertainment. On, yes, cowbell. (Will Ferrell, call your office!)

avril lavigne

The first single from Avril Lavigne’s Goodbye Lullabye has hit the airwaves, and if “What The Hell” is any indication of the album’s overall tone, people won’t be calling this album a “mature” effort.

justin timberlake

Yes, lots of people want to forget about Justin Timberlake’s Yogi Bear star turn and get him back to making music. But this isn’t the way to do it.