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What's a Karmin?
Karmin is the stage name for Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, two 25-year-old musicians currently infiltrating your television screens and radio stations with their inventive style that blends their own rock, jazz and hip-hop sensibilities. Growing up far from the epicenter of pop music (Heidemann in Nebraska; Noonan in Maine) the two met at Berklee College of Music in Boston and began recording together in 2008. Together, their name is derived from the Latin word for "song," with altered spelling as a nod to "karma."

So they're a duo? Do they have an album?
The two collaborate musically, with Heidemann taking on a majority of the vocals, interspersing her verses with rapping, while Nick handles keyboards and background vocals, as well as personally (they're engaged!). After conquering the world of YouTube, the duo was signed by Epic Records in 2011 and will release their debut LP, Helloin May 2012.

YouTube, huh? Does that mean they do covers and stuff?
Yes. While their upcoming album feature seven original songs, the pair rose to viral consciousness via a series of original takes on popular songs, the most notable of which included Heidemann displaying some serious rap skills and even more impressive breath control. Since its posting in April 2011, their version of Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now" has received over 63 million views. Follow-up, "6 Foot 7 Foot," proved the whole white-girl-rapping-bit wasn't a fluke, as Amy schooled many impostors who only wish they could flow like Lil Wayne, let alone Busta Rhymes. The attention their videos received helped land them a spot on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a stake in the NBA Finals and sent their expressive faces through multiple layers of email, to the sounds of "OMG" and "Can you believe these two?!"

Speaking of faces, what's up with Amy's hair?
You mean her "suicide roll." Along with her theater kid-like facial expressions and never-ending hand movements, Amy's unique coiffure helps to set her apart from other female performers. A little bit of a throwback to the updos of the 1950's, it maintains a done-up yet down-to-have-fun swagger through its DIY-style. Don't be intimidated by a look that seems as if it requires a flurry of pins and hairspray: she's made it easy for you to replicate it yourself with her own generous tutorial. Must be that Midwestern upbringing.

So do they only exist on YouTube?
Not anymore. After the buzz around their breakout covers subsided, Karmin got down to business with their original material, releasing "Crash Your Party" in October 2011 and "Brokenhearted" in February 2012. This helped them score a spot on the Saturday Night Live, continuing the show's trend of booking acts who've yet to release a debut album and its attempts to shed its out-of-touch grandpa image and actually stay up on what's new in music. From there, they've tackled the morning show circuit, are waiting in the wings at The Tonight Show and might as well start finding a way to get themselves covered on Glee.

What's next for them?
Touring, touring, touring! And reaping the benefits of one whirlwind year. They've more than done the work, now comes the fun part.

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