You Will Not Believe The ‘Half Ton Killer’s’ Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

Posted on 12/04/2013 at 2:42 PM

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The story of Mayra Rosales has been a sensationalist and amazing one right from the get-go.

And the next chapter is just as compelling as the woman, who once weighed 1,000 pounds sheds an absolutely astounding amount of weight—and Popdust has photos and video of her transformation.


Rosales shot to infamy as the “half-ton killer” after claiming she rolled over and accidentally suffocated her young nephew—she has since been cleared of all charges after it came to light it was actually her own sister who murdered the young boy by beating him to death with a hairbrush.

Since her acquittal, Mayra has begun taking the necessary steps to save her own life by attempting to lose a huge amount of weight in order to fulfill the dream of adopting her remaining nephew and nieces as her sister languishes in jail.


Tonight, TLC air an hour long special about Rosales’ amazing story, titled, Half-Ton Killer: Transformed, documenting her extreme weight loss journey—and Popdust has a sneak peek.

The TLC press release reads:

“After enduring countless ground-breaking surgeries, hours of physical therapy and extensive rehabilitation, Mayra is able to lose an astounding amount of weight, and has earned a second chance at life.


“However, learning how to live and cope with her newfound independence presents several new challenges. At 32 years old, everyday tasks such as buying groceries, job hunting and shopping for clothes are completely alien experiences to Mayra.


“Each step takes an enormous amount of willpower and patience, but adjusting to her new life is a battle she must conquer in order to prove that she’s capable of not only caring and providing for herself, but her nieces and nephew as well.

“For Mayra, the real journey begins here.”


Tune in to watch the whole compelling episode of HALF-TON KILLER: TRANSFORMED Wednesday, December 4 at 9/8c on TLC.

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