Nicki Minaj Wears No Bra on “Ellen,” Because Bras Are, You Know, “The Devil”

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Posted on 09/26/2013 at 3:02 PM

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We didn’t think Nicki Minaj was necessarily a huge fan of bras, but we never would’ve guessed the extent of her hatred for them.

On a visit to Ellen today to promote her new clever(ish)ly named perfume Minajesty, the “Super Bass” raptress wore an open jacket with literally nothing under it. Ellen couldn’t let the underboob staring her in the face go undiscussed, so she politely offered Nicki a bra. Quoth the big-breasted beauty:

“I hate bras. Don’t you? Bras are like, the devil.”

Cumbersome? Sure. Expensive? Often. Luciferian? Now there’s a original opinion.

Go on with your braless self.

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