Eminem’s New Single Is Out… and It’s a Beastie Boys Song?

Eminem New Song Berzerk
Posted on 08/27/2013 at 11:17 AM

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When Eminem promised a return to rap for his upcoming MMLP2, a Beastie Boys soundalike was maybe not what everyone was expecting. But that’s what we get on “Berzerk,” the album’s first single, and it’s honestly not as bad as it sounds on paper? Maybe it’s the Billy Squier sample, or the rest of Rick Rubin’s thundering production, but we’re kind of digging it. Lyrically, though, it’s a bit of a wash—Em’s mile-a-minute flow is impressive as always, but it’s 2013 and his K-Fed disses are at least six years out of date. Comforting to know that even Eminem would grow up to embarrass his children with outdated pop-culture references.

Listen to “Berzerk” below. MMLP2is coming November 8.


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