Austin Mahone Was a Pre-Fame Swifty, Has the Hots For Mila Kunis

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Posted on 06/12/2013 at 1:03 PM

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Since his Details interview last month in which he revealed his status as a virgin (who can drive), pop prince Austin Mahone has been dishing out the dirt.

In a recent #AskAustin sesh with MTV, Mahone was asked who he;d most like to accompany him were he stranded on a desert island. Take a seat, Mama Mahone – Austin’s hot for Mila Kunis! For now, like so many, he’ll have to settle for a cardboard cutout.


Cut to Natalie Portman seething with ballerina jealousy.

Another famous female who tickled Mahone’s fancy is tour buddy Taylor Swift. He told MTV News that he approached Swift in a Nashville cafe for a picture before he was famous. “Now, a year later, I’m going on tour with her,” he beams, “I haven’t seen her since. Hopefully, she will remember me. If not, I have pictures to prove it.”

Was it a Wednesday, Austin? If so, letjust pretend that “Begin Again” was written about you and call it a day.


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