Natalie Cole: “American Idol Ought to Be Ashamed at Themselves!”

Tune In To Hep C Benefit Concert Featuring The Allman Brothers With Natalie Cole
Posted on 05/17/2013 at 12:00 PM

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Last night, Candice Glover totally won American Idol. In a related story, Natalie Cole totally lost it.

Glover was joined by former Idol starlet Jennifer Hudson for a duet of Cole’s “Inseparable.” Slight party foul on Idol‘s part for not mentioning Cole in the introduction of the song, but Cole soon became the party pooper:

This tweet wasn’t enough to get the ego-rage out of her system, apparently:

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No bees were in Sia’s bonnet after Adam Lambert duetted on “Titanium” with Angie! Natalie needs to log off Twitter and take a cole shower.

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