15 of Rita Ora’s Coolest Hairstyles

Posted on 05/07/2013 at 9:59 AM

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Rita Ora is a chameleon. The Kosovo-born singer, who counts strong, gutsy blondies like Gwen Stefani and Debbie Harry among her inspirations, merely has to change up her bleached hair and voila, she looks like an entirely different person. Sometimes she channels Gwen with tiny twisted buns, other times Madonna circa “Holiday“—especially in the new video for her single, “Facemelt.” “My style and my music have a lot to do with each other,” she’s said. “They’re both very free…and they’re very eclectic.”

Oftentimes, Rita’s willingness to experiment and push boundaries lands her on “worst of” lists, such as a few days ago when she wore a hair-sprayed and teased bouffant on the red carpet. But aside from a few missteps, Rita has emerged as a true hair icon. She manages to pull off a host of styles, from minimal and slicked back to bouncy curls to tight, French-braided pigtails.

It’s hard to pick favorites, but we’ve managed to narrow the list of her best hairstyles to these 15. Just add red lipstick and you’re ready to go party and bullshit.

Big Curls
RitaOra_BigCurlsImage via Style and Beauty Doctor.

The Fifth Element
RitaOra_BluntBangsImage via Rita Ora/Instagram.

The Topknot
RitaOra_TopknotImage via The Jewel Wicker Show.

The Gwen Stefani
RitaOra_GwenStefaniImage via Rita Ora/Instagram.

The Fishtail Side Braid
RitaOra_FishtailBraidImage via Choice FM.

The Flatiron
RitaOra_FlatironImage via Rita Ora/Instagram.

The ’80s Madonna
RitaOra_80sMadonnaImage via Rita Ora/Instagram.

Slicked Back
RitaOra_SlickedBackImage via PopSugar.

The Brazilian Blowout
RitaOra_BrazilianBlowoutImage via Rita Ora/Instagram.

The Big Bang Theory
RitaOra_BigBangsImage via Rita Ora/Instagram.

The Society Lady
RitaOra_BlowoutImage via Rita Ora/Instagram.

The Between Shampoos
RitaOra_HeadscarfImage via Mosa Muse.

Bombshell Waves
RitaOra_BombshellWavesImage via GQ.

The Faux-Miley
RitaOra_DonaldTrumpImage via Rita Ora/Instagram.

Grade-School Pigtails
RitaOra_PigtailsImage via Glamour.

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