Paramore’s “Paramore”: All 17 Tracks Reviewed!

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Posted by on 04/10/2013 at 5:57 PM Reviews

The Popdust Files: paramore, track-by-track reviews

This week, Paramore’s self-titled fourth album comes out, and Popdust is here to help you sort through its 17 tracks. Hayley Williams and her bandmates try on a bunch of new styles, from new wave to pop-funk—and Williams even busts out the uke for a couple of confessional interludes. How is it? Quite good, as a matter of fact—their new pop bent suits Williams’ spitfire nature perfectly, and even the record’s sadder moments sing. Read our take on each track below.

1. Fast In My Car
2. Now
3. Grow Up
4. Daydreaming
5. Moving On (Interlude)
6. Ain’t It Fun
7. Part II
8. Last Hope
9. Still Into You
10. Anklebiters
11. Holiday (Interlude)
12. Proof
13. Hate To See Your Heart Break
14. (One Of Those) Crazy Girls
15. I’m Not Angry Anymore (Interlude)
16. Be Alone
17. Future



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