Why Is Robin Thicke Dancing With Naked Ladies in His New Music Video?

Posted on 04/02/2013 at 2:23 PM

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So, Robin Thicke. He’s been around long enough to gain a reputation for having not much of a reputation. He’s kind of a sexier Bublé, or a more boring Timberlake. (“Thickian” was one of those words that popped up often in the negative 20/20 Experience reviews.)

Which maybe explains why Thicke initiated a predictable controversy around his latest music video “Blurred Lines” by 1) filling it with naked ladies and then 2) putting an uncensored version on YouTube, where it was sure to be taken down. And it was! It’s still up on Vevo, of course, so we get the video, Thicke gets the headlines, the naked models get the royalties (actually, they probably don’t). Everyone wins.

Below, we’ve screencapped the video, so you can get whatever you want out of it, without listening to the song. If you want to ogle, ogle! If you want to wonder why special guests Pharrell and T.I. aren’t naked, too, go ahead and do that! Warning: This is all super-NSFW.

Vevo Vevo Vevo Vevo
Vevo Vevo Vevo

Now here it is with added Thicke:

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