The 50 Greatest Multiple-Hit Song Titles in Pop Music History

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Posted on 02/28/2013 at 4:33 PM

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Blessedly obscure chart history was made last week with the debut of Alabama Shakes’ excellent “Hold On” on the Billboard Hot 100, thanks to added exposure from the Grammys. The song was the 16th song with the title “Hold On” to make the Hot 100, extending the title’s record dominance over the chart—the song with the next-closest number of Hot 100 entries is “Runaway” (or “Run Away”), with 14 entries. (Billboard chart guru Gary Trust did pop fans everywhere a service by listing every title with ten or more entries on the chart, a must-read for chart nerds.)

Anyway, it got us to thinking—chart success aside, what song title has been responsible for more of our favorite songs than any other? We decided to make a top 50 of our favorite multi-hit song titles (with a very flexible definition of “hit,” natch), balancing the volume of songs that share the title with how much we love the songs that do. Unlike, Billboard, we decided to disregard parenthetical song titles, so “I Do” by Lisa Loeb counts the same as “I Do (Cherish You)” by 98 Degrees, and we also don’t count different spellings separately, so Diddy’s “Last Night” counts the same as The Strokes’ “Last Nite.” A title had to have at least three quasi-notable songs to its credit to be eligible, and we didn’t count multiple versions of the same song towards that tally.

So let’s take the plunge into the 50 song titles responsible for the greatest percentage of awesome music in all of pop history. Aspiring songwriters take note: If you only use these titles for your catalogue, you will be absolutely guaranteed fame and fortune beyond your wildest dreams.


Our Three Favorites:



Our Three Favorites:


48. “GLORIA”

Our Three Favorites:


47. “MY LOVE”

Our Three Favorites:

Also Notable: Petula Clark, Sia


46. “LIES”

Our Three Favorites:

Also Notable: EMF, Marina & the Diamonds


45. “MAGIC”

Our Three Favorites:

Also Notable: The Cars, Girls


#44. “FANTASY”

Our Three Favorites:

Also Notable: Aldo Nova, Schoolboy Q



Our Three Favorites:

Also Notable: Rihanna


#42. “I DO”

Our Three Favorites:

Also Notable: Lisa Loeb, Young Jeezy


41. “ALL I NEED”

Also Notable: The Temptations, Method Man

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