#FF Our Delightfully Crude Twitter Crush @ActionBronson

Twitter Crush Action Bronson
Posted on 02/22/2013 at 1:28 PM

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Name: Action Bronson

Occupation: Rapper

Twitter Handle: @ActionBronson

Follower Count: 92,934 (and counting)

Who He Is In More Than 140 Characters: Few can say that they’ve traded in their gourmet chef coat in order to pursue a rap career. 29-year-old Queens native Arian Asllani still raps about food, like “Jerk Chicken” for instance, but no longer cooks it (professionally).

Who He Is In Less Than 140 Characters: In the past week…

1. Practical



2. Accepting



3. Sexy




4. Poetic

5. Humble




6. Encouraging



7. Deep


You keep doin’ you, Action. We’ll keep following, favoriting, and retweeting.

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