Here are Some Rigorously Legal Ways to Celebrate Bob Marley’s Birthday

Bob Marley Birthday
Posted on 02/06/2013 at 12:30 PM

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The undisputed Raggae god Bob Marley would have turned 68 today. During his 18 years in the business, Marley brought the sounds of Jamaica and the Rastafari movement to the world with hits like “I Shot the Sheriff,” “Buffalo Soldier,” and “Redemption Song.”

His presence has only grown since his passing from cancer in 1981. A household—and certainly dormroom—name, Marley’s influence can be heard in much of today’s music and even today’s fashion.

He also smoke a ton of weed.

Quoth Rick Ross:


But, there are plenty of 100% legal ways to honor Mr. Marley’s flame.

1. Bake a Bob Marley Birthday Cake

(c/o Instagrammer @danielcalice)

2. Ponder Bob Marley’s Astrological Forecast

3. Listen to our “Happy Birthday Bob Marley” Playlist

Listen, celebrate how you wanna celebrate. Just don’t shoot any sheriffs, k?

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