Beyonce’s Rehearses for Superbowl in Brooklyn Nets Shirts, Onesies

Beyonce Super Bowl Performance
Posted on 01/29/2013 at 5:56 PM

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Beyonce updating her Tumblr stirs the kind of excitement that hearing the ice cream truck once (still) did (does).

This morning, everyone’s hero—pipe down already about the lip-syncing—posted pictures of herself rehearsing for her much-anticipated Superbowl Halftime Show performance. Here’s what we can glean:

1. The choreography is taxing on Beyonce’s triceps.


 2. The choreography requires a onesie.


3. The choreography makes Beyonce’s hair defy the laws of science.


Please post more pictures, Beyonce. And take it easy on those ‘ceps.

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