Check Out Spotify and YouTube Playlists of Our 32 Greatest Reality TV Star Contestants

TV Week Playlist
Posted on 01/15/2013 at 12:49 PM

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We’re hoping you’ve already taken the time to vote—more than once, even—in our competition to decide music’s greatest reality TV star. But we understand that it’s been a long time since some of those early Idol and X Factor seasons, and you might have started to mix up a Chris Young with a Chris Daughtry, a Kellie Pickler with a Kelly Clarkson. With that in mind, we present to you our Spotify and YouTube playlists of songs by all 32 artists—minus a couple not yet available on the Spot—to help refresh your memory, and give you new inspiration in your tourney voting.

Listen and watch below, grab a hairbrush for a microphone, and pretend you’re up there on the stage, melting Simon’s cold heart and causing Paula to swoon.

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