Let’s Relive the Happy Memories of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles’ Brief Relationship

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Posted on 01/08/2013 at 11:43 AM

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It’s (semi) official: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have broken up, reportedly after “an angry row” marred their New Year’s vacation. It seems like only yesterday that the blonde pop-country star got together with the One Direction heartthrob, but in fact it was more than four weeks ago! That’s a lifetime in Taylor Swift years, enough to inspire an entire LP of breakup songs, and still have enough left over for the bonus edition. In that spirit then, let’s revisit the couple’s happy memories and speculate on the forthcoming Taylor Swift song that will inevitably commemorate each moment.


After a flurry of rumors, Harry and Taylor make things official with a public stroll in Central Park.

Future Taylor Swift song inspired by this moment: “Winter in New York”

Harry Styles Taylor Swift Karaoke


Harry, Taylor and the rest of One Direction go out for a round of post-concert karaoke. The couple reportedly teams up for “Islands in the Stream” and “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

Future Taylor Swift song inspired by this moment: “Sing”


The couple spends a whirlwind week together in New York City, marked by multiple overnight bags.

Future Taylor Swift song inspired by this moment: “Seven Days in Heaven”


American Idol‘s Tim Urban pens a hypothetical Taylor Swift breakup ballad about Styles. (Hey, that’s our job!)

Future Taylor Swift song inspired by this moment: “City Boy”


Pictures emerge of Taylor and Harry re-enacting the climax of Dirty Dancing.

Future Taylor Swift song inspired by this moment: “Put Me in the Corner”


Harry and Taylor take their romance over to England, where they delight the populace by posing with birds.

Future Taylor Swift song inspired by this moment: “Fly Away”


Taylor accompanies Harry to a tattoo parlor, where he gets the same ink as the boyfriend in Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” video.

Future Taylor Swift song inspired by this moment: “I Knew You Were Trouble (Acoustic)”


The couple fans have dubbed “Haylor” takes a holiday ski trip to Utah with the newly reunited pair of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. (Shockingly, the universe does not implode.)

Future Taylor Swift song inspired by this moment: “Black Diamond”


Harry joins Taylor in Times Square for her New Year’s performance. After the ball drops, the couple rings in 2013 with an intimate kiss.

Future Taylor Swift song inspired by this moment: “The New Me”


Sadly, all cute things must come to an end. During their post-New-Years Caribbean vacation, Harry and Taylor reportedly split after getting in a huge fight, the origin of which is still unknown. Taylor returned to the States early, but not before unintentionally posing for this heartbreaking picture of her sitting alone on a yacht. (Harry, for his part, stuck around and partied with Richard Branson.) It’s more heartbreak for Swift, but, as recent history has shown, she’ll no doubt be able to spin this to her advantage, too.

Future Taylor Swift song inspired by this moment: “Flying Ray”

Which song are you looking forward to hearing the most?

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