The Wanted’s Max George vs. Zayn Malik of One Direction: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Wanted VS One Direction Feature
Posted on 12/03/2012 at 6:25 PM

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We first alerted you to the slightly cheeky Twitter flirtation between Max George of the Wanted and One Direction’s Zayn Malik two weeks ago, in which both sides exchanged innocent comments that wouldn’t yet trigger the cyber bully police. Naturally, things quickly escalated, with respective bandmates Tom Parker and Louis Tomlinson coming to their friend’s aid with various playground-level insults before someone was called “Chlamydia Boy” and the promise of some sort of showdown when both groups are in New York City was made.

The time has come (the walrus said), with One Direction already familiarizing themselves with city streets and zoos, and the guys of the Wanted hitting Manhattan’s club scene. But which activity will prove most helpful if the two groups were to come to physical blows during Z100′s Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden on Friday? We haven’t had a proper boy band rivalry in some time, so to prepare for such a horrific slash hot hypothetical situation, we’ve re-imagined Max and Zayn into some classic fight scenes to see how they’d fare.

When it comes to street fighting and Broadway-caliber singing…

While both have the voices of angels and want to be in America (we hope), Max’s knowledge of the West Side could help him escape the fast fists of Zayn and his 1D brothers. Being of legal drinking age here in the States plays to his advantage: he can always slip into a MSG-adjacent bar if things get too dicey.

In a battle of sheer strength (a.k.a who looks better shirtless)…

It’s too close to call. See here and here.

Both have been labeled bad boys…

But does either gentleman carry a switchblade and frequent parking garages after dark? Unclear.

They’re constantly trying to bring it…

Between Zayn’s disappearing-and-reappearing blonde streak to Max’s lyrical audibles during live shows, each guy is working hard to remain at the top of his game. Neither is known for his dancing abilities, though, and we’d imagine the same can be said for cheering. Quick, lads! Time to tag in Harry and Jay.

In the end, 1D vs. TW is a classic face-off between good and evil

And those sides can change, depending on your musical preferences and taste in British eye candy. Do either of them have any kids that we should know about?

Looks like the verdict is still out on who would actually win in a physical/mental/creative rumble. Until any kind of fight breaks out, you can catch both these blokes on the stage tonight…

We’ll be on the look out for any evidence of stage combat rehearsal from Zayn and 1D at tonight’s MSG show (yes, we’re going!). If you’re at Jingle Ball in Los Angeles, please report back on Max’s muscle tone.

Illustrations by Dustin Drankoski

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