Good News! Bret McKenzie Is Writing Songs for “The Muppets” Sequel

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Posted on 11/05/2012 at 10:27 AM

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This blog will bow to no one in our love for Bret McKenzie, the former Flight of the Conchords member who shot to international fame last year with his Oscar-winning songs for “The Muppets.” Now we’ve got a dose of good news for the legions of McKenzites out there: The diminutive Kiwi has signed on to bring his signature blend of wit and whimsy to the Muppet movie sequel.

According to producer Todd Lieberman, Bret (“Brit?”) will be back to work in the studio for the as-yet-untitled film, which will reportedly take place in London and introduce the Muppets to the bizarre ways and customs of the English people.

Sadly, writer and star Jason Segal won’t be returning for the “Muppets” sequel; instead, the flick will star cuddly Christoph Waltz as an INTERPOL agent. All the Muppets, presumably, are coming back.

We are, of course, ecstatic at the news. But after his work on the sequel is done, McKenzie should really turn his focus back into TV, or go the theater. He’s already halfway to an EGOT (and even has an Emmy nomination under his belt) and we can think of no other Lord of the Rings extra who deserves one more.


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